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Professor Norman Finkelstein’s lecture at the University of Southern California, 11 March 2010, on the Gaza Massacre as discussed in his most recent book, This Time We Went Too Far: Truth and Consequences of the Gaza Massacre:

  • The preceding internal politics of Israel, Gaza and the international community’s reaction;
  • Israel breaking its ceasefire with Hamas while the world was distracted by the ‘coronation‘ of Barack Obama;
  • Why ‘22 days of death and destruction‘, as Amnesty International called the massacre, wasn’t a ‘war’;
  • The ‘crimes’ of Hamas rocket attacks v. those of Israel ‘terrorizing‘, according to the Goldstone Report, Gazans;
  • Israel soldiers’ description of the massacre as ‘insane hunting season, like a video game, like a child killing ants with a magnifying glass’;
  • Israel’s unlawful repeated targeting of civilians and the use of weaponized white phosphorus;
  • The Western perpetuation of ‘Israel’s propaganda’ which is contrary to the reports of a diverse array of non-governmental organizations finding Israel’s ‘aim to punish, numiliate and terrorize the civilian population’ as ‘systematic and deliberate policy’, consistent with then-Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni bragging her soldiers invasion Gaza ‘demonstrated real hooliganism‘;
  • The bipartisan Massacre Deniers of the United States in the White House and public universities, along with Elie Wiesel—because ‘every circus needs a clown’.

Part One (9:49):


U.S. Bailouts could near $24 trillion!; Israel to establish an “internet warfare team” to globally propagandize and combat Truth; A new “Obama interrogation unit” being considered; Obama’s Hitler Youth; Gitmo shutdown delayed by Obama; Is Afghanistan just a geopolitical strategy to continue intimidating Iran?; Israel rejects U.S. call to stop construction in the Palestinian territory of East Jerusalem; Georgia’s NATO ambitions ‘dead’; and more… (more…)

Amnesty International (AI) released 117-page report on the U.S.-backed ‘Operation Cast Lead’ initiated by Israel on the Gaza Strip — which killed around 1,200 Gazan civilians (including police officers and nearly 300 children) in 22 days — finds evidence of the ‘Israel Occupation Forces’ using Gazan children as human shields and wanton destruction of Gazans’ property. (more…)