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Danny Schechter, former CNN and ABC producer, discusses how the State of Israel controls the narrative—by kidnapping all of the witness, while monopolizing the space in the media for quoted ‘officials’ (9:20):


“President Barack Obama answered pre-selected questions Wednesday afternoon about health care sent in from emails, Facebook and Twitter. CBS’ Chip Reid and columnist Helen Thomas thought this reflected a lack of transparency at the White House,” reports The Raw Story, as The Washington Post gets busted selling secret access to the White House and Congress. (more…)

Over 100 tortured to death in U.S. custody; A Nobel laureate and former U.S. Congresswoman kidnapped by Israel; Glenn Greenwald on the Washington Establishment recognizing Obama mimicking Bush on civil liberties; The history of Honduras leading to the military coup; and more… (more…)

Helen Thomas, Sam Donaldson, and Dan Rather on the responsibility of the press to question the president, the current administrations efforts to control the Newspeak, and the questions the press need to ask themselves. (more…)