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Iraq launces attack on U.S.-backed terror group;  Majority of  U.K. see Afghan War ‘unwinnable’; Colombia joins U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan; Chicago Police issue new “deadly force” policy;  Deaf, disabled man tasered for not listening; HuffPo hires David Axelrod’s son as an editor; Walter Block is an anarchist; and more… (more…)

Obama drafting executive order for prolonged, indefinite detention; A ridiculously tragic Gitmo story from Andy Worthington; Spain greatly curbs “universal jurisdiction” law to protect U.S torturers; Gareth Porter on the B.S. report from the U.S. military “investigation into the Farah Massacre it carried out May 4; Torture in Israel; Sheldon Richman on healthcare, democracy, and American politics; and more… (more…)