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The massive dump of U.S. military records relating to the war in Afghanistan confirms prior knowledge in some areas and shines light to other grim realities of aggressive war and occupation.


Highlighting U.S. intervention in the further destruction of  Somalia and as Ugandans mourn a terrorist attack from Somali militants and Fareed Zakaria noting the non-threat of ‘failed states’ and the imminent blowback induced by the failed missions of nation building.


via (h/t: Brad Spangler):

Under Obama-Pelosi-Reid, the US has already sent about 35,000 more troops into the Afghanistan graveyard of empires. Now, Obama is considering another round of re-enforcements—an Afghan surge expected to number about 40,000 additional GIs. But there is a real faction fight in the administration about whether to escalate. Obama is getting plenty of advice from the war party—from Petraeus, McChrystal, and Mullen. It is time Obama, Pelosi, and Reid heard a clear message from a resurgent antiwar movement demanding no escalation and an immediate pullout of all U.S. forces from Afghanistan and Iraq, plus an immediate halt to Predator drone attacks and C.I.A. operations in the region.

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Jake Diliberto, founder of Veterans for Rethinking Afghanistan, at Russia Today – 25 Nov 09 (4:53):