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Police in Istanbul, Turkey fired tear gas and broke out the hose on anti-globalization protesters of the annual World Bank and International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.) meetings.


Center for a Stateless Society news analyst Thomas Knapp on the arrest of G-20 protest organizers in their hotel room for using Twitter to mobilize demonstrations during the Pittsburgh Summit over a week ago. Elliot Madison and Martin Stolar, one of the men arrested and his attorney, were interviewed on Democracy Now! this morning. Exactly one week after police raided Mr. Martin’s hotel room home was raided, the F.B.I.forcefully raided his home and conducted a 16-hour search.  See the interview here.


Prof. Noam Chomsky interviewed by Said and Dari on WorldStreams Radio – 17 June 09 (60:00): (more…)

Amy Goodman of DN! interviews Prof. Walden Bello on the G-20 Summit. (more…)

Scott Horton interviews Prof. Chomsky on the choice between hegemony and survival, “the roots of U.S. imperialism”, “exaggerated strength of U.S. economic rivals”, “continuation of the Great Game into the 21st century”, Iraq/Afghanistan, Iran and the US consent to Israel’s occupation of Palestine. (more…)

Days after Latvia’s government steps down, weeks after Iceland’s government steps down, a couple of months after people in Greece rise up, Ireland begins to speak up and governments around the world have no clue what people will do. This is their worst fear — when we become unpredictable. (more…)