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Trends forecaster Gerald Celente discusses the Newspeak of State officials with Lew Rockwell, Jr.: “The wealth of the nation is going to the ‘too big to fail’s” (13:41):


A report stated ‘real unemployment could be around an all-time high 17.5%. Gerald Celente, a trends forecaster and economist, tells Russia Today that under the algorithm used before the Clinton Administration, ‘real unemployment could be around 22.1% (4:09):


Weeks after Iran officially announced it would replace the U.S. dollar—its value heavily dependent on Middle East oil trading—with euros in its foreign exchange holdings, The Independent Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk’s article, “The Demise of the Dollar,” breaks the story that: “In a graphic illustration of the new world order, Arab states have launched secret moves with China, Russia and France to stop using the U.S. currency for oil trading” by 2018. I wrote of the alliance between Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) here in June.

Russia Today (RT) reports on Mr. Fisk’s exclusive (3:25):


Gerald Celente on The Lew Rockwell Show. (more…)

MSM renowned forecaster Gerald Celente projects the economy’s future after we ‘subsidize the fat-cat losers and penalize the working producers’ with Keynesian economics heading us toward the ‘greatest depression’. (more…)

Gerald Celente, self-proclaimed ‘political atheist’ and CEO of The Trends Research Institute, has been praised by scores of American mainstream media sources for his forecasting accuracy. Most recently:

With the financial collapse of ’08 that has resulted in the treasonous robbery of over $10 trillion from the American people, Mr. Celente speaks of a coming revolt on The Alex Jones Show:

Alex welcomes back to the show Gerald Celente, the world’s number one trends forecaster, who has predicted a severe depression and riots in the streets.

Part One (10:48):

The full seven-part interview can be seen here.

We should note that Little Alex and myself do not subscribe to the fullness of Alex Jones’s verbiage and theories. We highly respect and frequently discuss Mr. Jones as a hard-working, brave journalist and a comrade for liberty as a classical liberal/paleoconservative libertarian, but we are not of the “one global elite” at the tip of the pyramid conspiracy theory, nor do we participate in the fringe of the 9/11-Truth Movement.