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Prof. Chomsky discusses the Obama Administration’s continuation of the Bush Administration’s foreign policy (consistent with all credible predictions prior to the inauguration), the ‘immoral’ U.S.-led war against and occupation of Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay’s purpose of ‘creating terrorists’, Osama bin Laden’s ‘allegiance’ with the U.S., Obama’s ‘rejectionist stance’ enabling Israel’s expanding occupation of Palestine, his ‘full-time job’ of activism from childhood throughout his career with the ‘antiwar movement’, the myth of the existence of a ‘free-market’, his history of tax resistance, the differing dissents of the intellectual and working class on war.


CCR supports U.S. solders who refuse to deploy; U.S. ‘civilian surge’ in Afghanistan to begin; U.S. proposes one-year settlement freeze to Israel; U.S. drug companies writing healthcare “reform”; and more… (more…)

Israel Navy prepares to attack Iran with consent from the West.


Over 100 tortured to death in U.S. custody; A Nobel laureate and former U.S. Congresswoman kidnapped by Israel; Glenn Greenwald on the Washington Establishment recognizing Obama mimicking Bush on civil liberties; The history of Honduras leading to the military coup; and more… (more…)

Kansas Fed head blows the whistle on it serving an ‘oligarchy of itnerests’, the significance of Iran’s elections on U.S. policy, Justin Raimondo responds to an Israeli Minister calling for sanctions on the U.S., the U.S. military holding over 11,000 kidnapped Iraqis, Russia calls out the U.S. double standard on nuclear disarmament, and more… (more…)

Israel hints at ‘broader regional war’, Pakistan criticizes Obama surge, Congress subpoenas the Fed, U.N. tells Israel to ‘fundamentally change policies’, first Gitmo trial to begin, Hizbollah responds to losing election, South African study calls Israel’s policies ‘apartheid’ and colonial’, Venezuela uses military to silence critics. (more…)

The Af-Pak War losing support, ex-Gitmo detainee speaks out, Clinton and Israel threaten Iran, North Korea sentences U.S. journalists to 12 yrs. of hard labor, two-state solution at ‘the top of Obama’s agenda’ SCOTUS shoots down gays in the military, and a 55-hour erection. (more…)

AntiWar Radio host Scott Horton interviews Philip Weiss on the Jane Harman scandal, Israel espionage, and the lobby’s push for war with Iran. (more…)