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Libertarian Judge Andrew Napolitano’s internet show “Freedom Watch” from FNC’s Strategy Room interviews Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), WSJ’s Steve Moore, and anarchist president of the Mises Institute Lew Rockwell, Jr. with Peter Schiff Tracy Byrnes, and Cody Willard in studio. (more…)

MSM renowned forecaster Gerald Celente projects the economy’s future after we ‘subsidize the fat-cat losers and penalize the working producers’ with Keynesian economics heading us toward the ‘greatest depression’. (more…)

DN! speaks with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), longest serving Independent senator in US history and one of the 34 senators who voted “No” to Obama treasury secretary nominee, fmr. NY Fed chieftain/Wall St. butt-boy, Timothy Geitner. (more…)

A few interesting contrasts between life in China and life in the United States as I ramble from the Chinese Yuan to Fireworks to Freedom of the Press to Global Warming (more…)

A State with nothing to spend can’t spend to stimulate the economy, no matter what the Third Way fascists say. (more…)

When “hawks” become “realists” in the Newspeak of change, the “dove” has just trained his sheep and propaganda wing very well. (more…)