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Brad Spangler on the Pentagon budget shell-game (1:26). (more…)

Alex Jones’ recent documentary on the banking cartel’s interests overriding the American people, blinded by Obama’s cult of personality. (more…)

Amnesty Int’l calls for Obama administration to abide a court ruling in providing more public information on ‘the other Guantanamo’. (more…)

Eric Margolis on the US repeating the Iraq Newspeak against Iran. (more…)

Wikileaks: Major RAND study with 300 interviews: Intelligence Operations and Metrics in Iraq and Afghanistan, Nov 2008. (more…)

The global authority Newspeak on Afghanistan is remarkably unified — in its approval of the war, unified approval of Hamid Karzai’s coronation, and unified disapproval of Mr. Karzai when he began requesting a time-table for withdrawal. (more…)

On top of Obama’s continuity — not change — toward the US’s ‘other Guantanamo’, the Center for Constitutional Rights experts dispute government assertion that Guantanamo complies with Geneva Conventions. (more…)

Gareth Porter on AntiWar Radio with Scott Horton discussing his recent article, “Commanders in Iraq Challenge Petraeus on Pullout Risk”, and today’s article where he compares Obama’s 17,000 troop surge with LBJ’s ’65 surge into Vietnam in the face of a nearly $600m new embassy in Iraq and his $60m Afghan prison expansion. (more…)

Message from (more…)

A message from (more…)

Obama’s forceful reiteration of Israel’s right to defend itself is another exercise of cynical deceit — though, it must be admitted, not unique to him, but virtually universal. (more…)

When “hawks” become “realists” in the Newspeak of change, the “dove” has just trained his sheep and propaganda wing very well. (more…)