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After all of the headlines and soundbites, the watchdog and intelligence agencies can’t make a case for Iran being a threat.


Masses in opposition to globalization demonstrated in Pittsburgh, PA against the meeting of oligarchs from the Group of 20 industrialized nations (G-20). The militarized police assaulted protesters, curbed free speech, and made overt threats to ensure the elite attendees of the highly politicized G-20 Summit were pleased.


Obama drone strike kills 65 at a funeral in Pakistan; Another man released from Gitmo; International collaborators look to attack “tax havens” like Switzerland; The Ayatollah’s tactics to crush dissent are biting him in the ass; Russia supports East Jerusalem as a Palestinian capital; Cigarettes, whiskey, and wild money in the life of the world’s oldest man; and more… (more…)

Violence highest in Afghanistan since 2001, Dennis Ross says talks with Iran before war are a ‘easier sell”, Ismael Hossein-Zadeh on Obama’s ‘doublespeak’ regarding Iran, “U.S. Troops Out of Iraqi Cities? Think Again”, The ACLU sues the gov’t to release torture docs, Gitmo detainee kidnapped as a teenager released to his home, Iraq VP declares ‘no statehood for Kurds’, the U.S. dollar falls more. (more…)

The second half of Prof. Chomsky’s interview by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! (DN!). Part One is found here. (more…)

Amy Goodman of DN! interviews Prof. Walden Bello on the G-20 Summit. (more…)

Brad Spangler on the protests and illegitimate property. (more…)