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Anne Applebaum makes the case for a U.S. taxpayer-funded “human rights campaign that battles Iran from within”.


Pakistan Taliban denies U.S.-Pak reports its leader was killed; 54% of Americans oppose Afghan War; U.S. kills five Afghan cucumber farmers thinking they were loading munitions; ‘Iran unlikely to produce uranium for a nuke ’til at least 2013′, U.S. intel says; U.S. dollar hits ten-month low; Georgia and Russia continue ‘warlike rhetoric’; E.U. seizes Indian generics to compete on the market because of patents… (more…)

Over 100 tortured to death in U.S. custody; A Nobel laureate and former U.S. Congresswoman kidnapped by Israel; Glenn Greenwald on the Washington Establishment recognizing Obama mimicking Bush on civil liberties; The history of Honduras leading to the military coup; and more… (more…)

al Jazeera English’s (AJE) “Inside Story” takes a look at Iran’s controversial elections, the protests that have followed, and the potential recount. (more…)

Kansas Fed head blows the whistle on it serving an ‘oligarchy of itnerests’, the significance of Iran’s elections on U.S. policy, Justin Raimondo responds to an Israeli Minister calling for sanctions on the U.S., the U.S. military holding over 11,000 kidnapped Iraqis, Russia calls out the U.S. double standard on nuclear disarmament, and more… (more…)