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Many Americans appear to be outraged that a Muslim community center might be built near Ground Zero. Here’s what the mainstream media will never tell you today (1:20):


Carrie ‘Opposite Marriage’ Prejean: (a) ‘wrote’ a book; (b) for which Sean Hannity ‘wrote’ a foreword; and (c) “I was all by myself”? Form your own conclusions—and please send them to TMZ. I won’t reply to responses—like I don’t to anti-Semites and chickenhawks.

Nowhere near the, regularly heavily, substantial LAW post, but lolololololol (7:36):


Notes and facts about the most hated and feared minority… (15:42):


al Jazeera made the accusation that U.S. soldiers were acting as Christian missionaries in Afghanistan. The Pentagon said, ‘Prove it!al Jazeera did. Oh boy, they did. al Jazeera‘s (AJE) “Inside Story” and Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! (DN!) report on what’s just the tip of the iceberg. (more…)

Zionist rally with NY Dem Attendees full of hate and Godlessness among people who think they love God. (more…)