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Wolf Blitzer interviews Mr. Hersh on Syria’s aggressive willingness to push MidEast peace, the US role, and Fmr. VP Dick Cheney’s ‘executive assassination wing’. (more…)

AntiWar Radio: Eric Margolis, author of American Raj: Liberation or Domination, discusses the contradictory U.S. policy of supporting Pakistan’s government while continuing drone airstrikes that foment popular rebellion, growing ranks of the Taliban, plans for a Caspian oil pipeline, India’s development of ICBM’s, and how Iran’s uranium enrichment is an assertion of technological and economic independence. (more…)

Retd. CIA Ray McGovern: US attempt to trap the USSR in 1979 is at root of current situation in Afghanistan. (more…)

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A UCLA geographer has claimed to pinpoint the low margin of error location of Osama bin-Laden that the US is ignoring in pursuit of Obama’s ‘good war’. (more…)

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