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Prof. Chomsky discusses the Obama Administration’s continuation of the Bush Administration’s foreign policy (consistent with all credible predictions prior to the inauguration), the ‘immoral’ U.S.-led war against and occupation of Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay’s purpose of ‘creating terrorists’, Osama bin Laden’s ‘allegiance’ with the U.S., Obama’s ‘rejectionist stance’ enabling Israel’s expanding occupation of Palestine, his ‘full-time job’ of activism from childhood throughout his career with the ‘antiwar movement’, the myth of the existence of a ‘free-market’, his history of tax resistance, the differing dissents of the intellectual and working class on war.


Prof. Noam Chomsky’s extended response to Obama’s Cairo Speech: Palestine-Israel, U.S. presence in the Middle East, U.S. rejectionism, and the Newspeak cover for no change in the U.S. quest for ‘global dominance’. (more…)

Prof. Noam Chomsky on Obama’s speech in Cairo to the ‘Muslim World’: his intent, his rhetoric, and his actions. (more…)