Posts Tagged ‘Anthony Gregory’ has posted a rebuttal to its editorial director Justin Raimondo’s column from yesterday calling for harsher enforcement on illegal immigration that Sayyid and I immediately jumped on. We applaud it and maintain our respect for the group affiliated with the site that never ceased. While standing by the moral indignation Mr. Raimondo’s column aroused in us, he is still one of the commentators on geopolitics we trust and admire most. Read the column by Anthony Gregory and Eric Garris, Mr. Raimondo’s co-founder at’s, response here.



Anthony Gregory at The Independent Institute blog, The Beacon, on the ‘progressive’ media’s embrace of government thugs at war with people.


Mr. Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize for promoting just about everything but peace. (more…)

Anthony Gregory discusses civil liberties under Obama — the Supreme Court, domestic spying, indefinite detention — ‘philosophical defects’ of the American political culture, and the economy (41:50):


Interview with a recently released Bagram detainee; U.S. military possibly broke Posse Comitatus spying on activists for two years; The sheep are begging for the Police State; 96% of risk in the hands of five banks; and more… (more…)

Anthony Gregory, Campaign for Liberty (C4L) editor-in-chief and research analyst at The Independent Institute discusses his recent article in response to the neo-Nazi deadly shooting at the U.S. Holocaust Museum and “right-wing extremism” last week titled, “James W. Von Brunn and the Poison of Racist Collectivism,” on AntiWar Radio. (more…)