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42 men interviewed describe similar accounts of being extensively tortured while in captivity at a Baghdad prison, secret until recently.


Report from CNN (5:03):


Angola 3 News interviewed Jeanne Theoharris who wrote an article this April at The Nation on the arrest, imprisonment and legal battles of Syed Hashmi, a U.S. citizen imprisoned in New York City prison with “Guantánamo-like conditions”.


International human rights lawyer Scott Horton on AntiWar Radio, human rights investigator John Sifton on Democracy Now! (DN!), constitutional scholar Jonathon Turley with Rachel Maddow and ACLU attorney Amrit Singh with Anderson Cooper on Obama’s decision to further hide Bush Administration crimes of toruring and murdering detainees. (more…)

10,000 people are detained in Iraq without evidence.

Sure, the sexy topic of the day are the 250 or so detainees in Guantantano (GTMO) and the argument now is that there’s no place for the GTMO population. What’s left out of these arguments is that over 500 people have already been released and by the ratio of those released to those who’ve been tried, experts estimate that around 230-240 of the current GTMO detainees are being held without enough evidence to go to face trial?

The sexy topic of torture is related to GTMO, while the bulk of the “enhanced interrogation techniques” to be investigated have occured overseas.

We all remember Abu Ghraib and were outraged by the conditions.

What about the 10,000+ currently detained in Iraq? If human rights will be protected by the incoming Obama administration, what about Mr. Obama’s Zionism, establishment-cabinet, and pledged support for Israel detaining 10,000+ Palestinians?

Why are the human rights of the 250 in Cuba more worth discussing than the 20,000+ detainees in Israel and Iraq?