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Brian Ross and Matthew Cole broke the story last night on the ABC News website. Their report on “Good Morning America” from Thursday morning (2:51):


A U.S. official familiar with Gen. McChrystal’s confidential troop request submitted to the White House confirms that it exceeds 60,000.

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Brian Ross for ABC News in 2007 and Seymour Hersh for The New Yorker in 2008 reported the Bush Administration’s Presidential Finding enacting a C.I.A. plan to use propaganda to push regime change in Iran. Democrats in Congress backed the $400 million dollar appropriation. The July ’08 article by Mr. Hersh quotes a member of the House Appropriations Committee: “[I]t will take another year before we get the intelligence activities under control…. We control the money and they can’t do anything without the money. Money is what it’s all about. But I’m very leery of this Administration.” (more…)