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Wonderland is Staying Right Here

Posted: 29 June 2010 by Editors in ----

We’ve courted offers to sell the blog in a way that links it to a major publication or web portal. The serious considerations have been this month where we were resolved to make a decision by June 30.

That day has come and we’re not moving.

The objective wasn’t to be a part of a large media service for money. Frankly, the money offered wasn’t much guaranteed—though manageable, considering the added opportunity of exposure. The dealbreaker on every end was our real objective: to move the blog to a superhigh-traffic domain, but keep the content within the commons.

All parties expressed great enthusiasm about having us on their team, but all balked on the condition that all content be under a Creative Commons License. It’s a shame because a couple of the media outlets were very large, but that’s how the cookie crumbles.

The fact is that we lowered our financial burden to extreme levels to include this term and every buyer refused. The only one that didn’t, simply picked another addition to their content over us because they decided he was better fit—and he’s a great addition to their great site.

The end result: we’re here and will be for quite some time. If anything changes, it would be more content and better ways to share information and analysis—and we’ll be tinkering with methods throughout the summer to do so. We would still like to have a Creative Commons blog on a high-content domain that allows for expanding our service to one of news summaries and extensive analysis posts instead of the op-ed-blogging hybrid we’ve developed.

We’d like to extend a thank you to all of our subscribers, contributors, funders, readers and especially those who’ve mirrored the content of this site to their blogs.

Sayyid went on vacation Monday and Alex will gone until Sunday. The Wire and this blog will hibernate, most likely, until Sayyid gets back to Chicago on Tuesday. We’ll spend the middle of the week going through a lot of missed information and publish a high content toward the end of next week, throughout the weekend and be back to daily briefings and posts the week after.

Happy 4th of July!

Support InfoShop

Posted: 30 March 2010 by Kevin Carson in ----
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Infoshop.Org is one of the oldest continuous anarchist aggregator sites for news and commentary, as well as a host for forums and a library of material that includes An Anarchist FAQ. And from the beginning, it’s relied heavily on the dedicated volunteer efforts of Chuck Munson for its continued existence. If you can spare something, it’s a very worthy cause. Donate here.


I just registered an account on Wikipedia and am seeking help/suggestions as a wikin00b.


For those unaware, I’m a weekly editor at Strike the Root. You can see my editions every Friday…. Wait, TODAY’S FRIDAY!!!


Sayyid and I are swamped with work and finals preparations for Masters’ classes operating under the trimester format. The next week to ten days will not have as many posts as usual due our law school finals following these, finishing up group studies at The Council and finding new projects to pay the bills after these studies.

That said, today there will be added content from the both of us and Sayyid will be editing a lot of drafts to be posted throughout the weekend.

Also, I’m guest editing Strike The Root on Friday, so check that out.

Thank you so much for your readership, subscriptions and donations. We greatly appreciate them and will show it even more by expanding the media on the site going into the new year.

Wonderland Wire Update

Posted: 27 March 2009 by Little Alex in ----
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This weekend, Sayyid will be editing and posting submissions from our contributors and archiving our old news page into the new site: Wonderland Wire. I will be editing my live-blog series on The Ethics of Liberty to finish posting in the coming days.

The Wire should be up to date to fully launch for live feeds at some time next week.

As a reminder, Little Alex in Wonderland will still run as a blog. The Wire will just be a separate news site to be a tool for the blogosphere to better follow current events and provide a filtered archive.

Thanks for reading and hope you continue to follow us.

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