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SUMMARY: UN Special Rapporteur and Special Investigator on Torture Manfred Nowak said on CNN the US has an “obligation” to investigate the Bush administration for war crimes and that there is already enough evidence to prosecute former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Jake Towne: Although outvoted last year in the House by a vote of 404-1 on the Gaza situation, Ron Paul declared America’s tacit blessing for other nations to start violenct preemptive wars as intolerable. I agreed in an article on Kosovo where our embassy was attacked. But did you know some Israeli IDF soldiers agree with us?

SUMMARY: India hands evidence over to Pak who emphasizes ‘credible evidence’ is necessary for extradition of 26/11 suspects.

SUMMARY: A potential Indo-Pak war, being unaffordable and unnecessary, is raising cause for concern in the international community as Iran, China, and the Sauds involve themselves in diplomatic efforts. Pak’s further pressured to extradite suspects to India following the confession of LeT chief’s involvement in 26/11.

SUMMARY: Pak arrests LeT/JD founder after UNSC declares JD a terrorist group. Indo-Pak remains prepared for action, but both reaffirm that war is “not a solution” as India requests the hand over of 40 suspects in Pak

SUMMARY: Pak Pres. Zardari’s NYT op-ed states the goals of Pak’s efforts to aid India in the pursuit of justice. India continues to play political football as Pak refuses to release detainees to India in order to ensure a joint Indo-Pak investigation.

SUMMARY: NYT columnist, Thomas Friedman, points out the absurdity of the Pakistani people’s lack of relative disdain for the Mumbai attacks. Indian PM Manmohan Singh isn’t calming the sabre-rattling by an angry and fearful Indian population — misplacing their anger toward Pakistan when they should be united with the Pakistani people to oust ISI, Pakistan’s rouge intelligence agency.

SUMMARY: The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) on the Mumbai attacks and a diverse group of Indo-Pak scholars and activists have also signed and released a joint statement in India and Pakistan on 30 Nov 2008 to the press.