Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose U.S. Intervention in Hypothetical Israel-Iran War

Posted: 27 September 2010 by Little Alex in International Affairs, Political Science
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Were Iran to retaliate to a hypothetical military strike by Israel, Americans oppose U.S. military involvement.

A majority of Americans oppose the U.S. military intervening in armed conflict between Israel and Iran, a poll conducted by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs found [.pdf].

Presented with the scenario of an Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, 56% of those polled said “the United States should not bring its military forces into such a conflict, with 38% saying it should”, the study found as “most striking”. Only 50% said they would oppose U.S. defense of Israel against an attack by a neighboring state military, with 47% support such foreign intervention.

Despite media lies and aggressive lobbying for more blowing-shit-up-around-the-world policy, Iran is not a nuclear threat to anyone. If you still believe the manufactured hype that it is, read AntiWar Radio host Scott Horton’s recent op-ed at The Christian Science Monitor.

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