Man is Coward

Posted: 16 August 2010 by Little Alex in Philosophy
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Man is coward. He is.

The man who chooses to not stand against war chooses to stand for nothing and is the vilest coward of all mankind. He is the sociopath that plagues the zeitgeist.

He ought to be ostracized from any community pursuing anything near virtue.

He is the hate.

He hates humankind for the Truth of humankind.

He is below the Neanderthal.

Caring not for the undead, he doesn’t deserve to kiss the dirt upon which the hypothetical zombie walks.

He’s never surpassed the machine of the flesh.

Is he even Man?

  1. tgace says:

    War Never Solved Anything!

    Unless you count defeating Colonialism, Nazisim, and Tyranny.

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