The systemic flaw of representative democracy.

BP CEO Tony Hayward was called before Capitol Hill to answer questions about the ‘Gulf oil spill’.

Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) “vigorously defended the company in the wake of Wednesday’s compromise on an escrow fund to pay for damages from its broken oil well in the Gulf of Mexico”, David Weigel reported today at his Washington Post blog.

Soon after, Gus Lubin at Business Insider posted: “The Texas Republican received $1.5 million in donations last year from big oil, according to Open Secrets.”

Mr. Weigel notes the congressman holds a “safe seat”, but the astroturfy corporate-buttboy Beltway crowd is doing all they can to manipulate the Tea Party crowd to act as Main Street apologists for the most exploitative well-connected. Such a catastrophe is too public to expect anything else from politicians like Rep. Barton, just like supporters of the Farm Bill, Carbon banking schemes, etc.

Rep. Barton says his comments were “misconstructed”, Mike Memoli reports at the Chicago Tribune Beltway blog, after ‘clarifying’: “I want the record to be absolutely clear that I think BP is responsible for this accident, should be held responsible and should in every way, do everything possible to make good on they consequences that have resulted from this accident.”

Apparently being held responsible in every way  means not being held completely liable for damages? Of course, this congressman would be outraged were the government to borrow tens of billions to pay out claims, right? Republicans and right-libertarians” corporatocracy wet dreams are the weirdest phenomena of the zeitgeist. The political means of reaching these ends are replacing government as the magical savior of all problems with for-profit corporations—who outnumber governments on the top 100 list of largest corporations. Representative democracies thrive on this red herring of the corporate-government dichotomy to conveniently disguise that governments are corporations and corporations functions like microcosms of governments.

It’s Orwellian that “big corporations” are an insinuating demonizing term, but mock critics of “big government” and vice versa. Are Democrats and Republicans capable of being deprogrammed from this fundamentally retarded discourse?

Elsewhere, Washington’s Blog highlights a great question: was the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe a result of not adequately fixing a February leak?:

In other words, the well may have blown out in February, and never been properly repaired. If cracks in the well were never fully sealed, then the well may have been unstable starting in February and continuing until the April 20 explosion. (There is substantial evidence that there are cracks in the well now.)

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