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Posted: 30 March 2010 by Kevin Carson in ----
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Infoshop.Org is one of the oldest continuous anarchist aggregator sites for news and commentary, as well as a host for forums and a library of material that includes An Anarchist FAQ. And from the beginning, it’s relied heavily on the dedicated volunteer efforts of Chuck Munson for its continued existence. If you can spare something, it’s a very worthy cause. Donate here.

Kevin Carson is a research associate at the Center for a Stateless Society, contemporary mutualist author and individualist anarchist whose written work includes Studies in Mutualist Political Economy and Organization Theory: An Individualist Anarchist Perspective. Mr. Carson has also written for a variety of internet-based journals and blogs, including Just Things, The Art of the Possible, the P2P Foundation and his own Mutualist Blog.

  1. lettrist says:

    Are you a market anarchist? How do you think about cooperative anarcho syndicalisms? How do you think about expropriative anarchisms?

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