Brother Malcolm lays out the game masters use to play their plantation against each other, form a system where the slaves fight each other for the masters’ approval, identify with the master who kills him slowly. If you still think politics is the avenue toward justice, if politicians will ever dismantle the ruling class, if becoming one with State will moralize its inherent antisocial nature, if politicians will ever really give a shit about you; if you still cling to the self-defeating belief that there’s an ounce of virtue in loving ‘your’ country, supporting ‘your’ president, exercising ‘your’ democratic opportunities by pulling a lever like a Pavlovian monkey every 2-4 years, Malcolm had something to say to you (8:32):

It isn’t just the military personnel and cops and media shills who play the house negro, oh no. It’s the person who pejoratively calls those scrutinizing war criminals “unpatriotic”. It’s the person who calls secession—or “separation”, as Malcolm called it—“kooky”. It’s the person who calls counter-economics “selfish”. It’s the Pavlovian monkey calling the activist who doesn’t vote “irrelevant”.

It’s the petty reformist who calls the radical an “ideologue”.

You want a crazy, far-fetched ideal from a delusional fantasy world? Have an ounce of faith in the political scene to any degree. Now that’s kooky. Applaud the government handing over trillions to Wall Street and actually thank them for it. Jump for joy and praise the sky that you have a government so benevolent that it’ll ensure an undisclosed amount of trillions of dollars to the insurance cartel, Big Pharma and the ‘intellectual property’ copynazis who’ll continue to minimize your life span to maximize their capital gains—slapped with the label of ‘too big to fail’.

Sheldon Richman, Senior Fellow at The Future of Freedom Foundation and editor at The Freeman, commented today: “The medical system does need reforming—radical reforming. It’s more expensive than it ought to be, and powerful interests prosper at the expense of the rest of us. The status quo has little about it to be admired, and we shouldn’t tolerate it…. [But] this reform is a fraud. It leaves in place the government-created cartels and throws a few crumbs to people who are struggling—but mostly by bolstering the insurance monopoly.”

Prof. Noam Chomsky’s The Common Good (1998), a collection of interviews with David Barsamian, he correctly stated pre-9/11: “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum—even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.” (p. 43)

But in times of crisis, the conditions for which politicians can exploit the plantation for the masters is as easy as starving the monkey for days, so it worships you for the privilege of smelling what he can never eat for dinner. As Adolf Hitler once said, “What good fortune for governments that the people don’t think.”

Wanna know what I think about the healthcare bill? I really don’t give a shit about the bill, but I say ‘shame on you’ for thinking anything regarding that bill was historical, one way or the other. I responded to ‘progressives’ constipating Twitter as if their favorite team just won a championship in some sport, a tyrant was slain and freedom was restored to people and they just introduced a new child into their family at the same time with: “Hey Dumbo-crats! Healthcare reform is distracting you from [Obama’s wars on] Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Palestine and the AIPAC dictation”

But then, I realized there is no solidarity among the so-called ‘party of the common good’ with suffering people at the hands of brutal institutions. They’re only anti-war when Republicans are in office or until the political class waves another banana in front of them and tells them that giving it to some well-connected cartel is their only hope, so they go from being anti-war to political cocksuckers  showing their gratitude to their ‘savior’ [sic] for further feeding the ruling class masters.

There are no acts of war, injustice, torture, people getting their homes stolen and demolished by force on a daily basis to uncompromisingly mobilize the house nigger against his master beating the field negro.  Just their favorite sports team in Washington to distract them from the fact that they’re oppressed, too, and by their favorite team, at that.

Speaking of their favorite team, while they were celebrating a bailout to insurance companies and enabling an immorally torturous, impoverishing ‘intellectual property’ system, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan was behind bars. Ms. Sheehan was locked up on Saturday “after laying coffins at a fence outside the White House” the day after the 7th anniversary of the Bush Administration’s invasion of Iraq—as President Obama expands the global American warfare enterprise deeper into Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen while continuing the enable Israel’s genocidal occupation of Palestine.

As the American ‘political party of peace’ [sic] praised their president and cheered him and his cronies on, Ms. Sheehan was yelling “Arrest that war criminal!” outside of the White House. Her facebook status Monday evening indicated that she was released, has a court date scheduled for July 9th and received an illegal order to stay away from the White House. She will be setting up camp there again tomorrow. Instead of making a nothing bill passed on Sunday into some sort of a big deal, she will be raising awareness to the death and destruction the president is committing for the ruling class that is sadly being forgotten.

It takes a while to understand that politicians hate you whether they know it or not, yet. It took the torture of political consulting throughout the 2008 elections, the bailout that fall and Israel’s massacre on Gaza that winter to radicalize me to that point of no return. And it may not be within the conventional wisdom, but I’ll take it over the perpetuity of clinging to a juvenile faith in ‘positive change through the system’.

Faking celebrations and despair to the point where the illusions are wholeheartedly believed—as Democrats and Republicans did Sunday and Monday—is exactly how the ruling class thrives: get you to play for a team, but not all of you on the same team and none of you making a penny’s worth of sense at any point of the discourse.

Grow up and stop acting like fools, you fuckin’ house niggers.


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