‘Comprehensive immigration reform’ is disgusting in its tolerance for such evil.

20 Mar 2010 | InfoShop News

Immigration laws are immoral and therefore should be abolished, not tolerated with reform. The reasoning in support of nationalism is the same as that of racism. Both -ism’s are equally evil and their reasoning ploys equally stupid. Like war, those who can’t uncompromisingly stand against immigration law can stand for little-to-nothing.

Democracy Now! covered a story today previewing this weekend’s march in Washington, D.C. where hundreds of thousands are expected to march under the support of reform of immigration law. Led by Latino advocacy groups, this ‘movement’ is borderline disgusting. The emphasis of ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ is on enforcement—the harassment and State-sanctioned violence against working people, the legal precedence that all people do not have equal rights; that Americans are more human than non-Americans.

The term ‘illegal’ to describe undocumented migrants is not a reasonable defense for immigration law. Enforcing a policy isn’t morally validated by the existence of the policy. The late-Jiddu Krishnamurti once said, “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

The term ‘illegal’ is offense and a society’s tolerance for using it in reference to the existence of human beings is sick. A post at “Punk Johnny Cash’s” Gonzo Times articulates:

Words are used to dehumanize a population of people. You may hear it more than others. It depends on how close to the egocentric segregationist movement you are. This is always followed by blame. They will blame the problems of the country on this group of people. This has happened over and over throughout history with each group of migrants and with slavery and the civil rights movement. Dehumanization is used to justify one’s sins and oppression of another.

We must be willing to look at how we do treat others in society. We must learn from the mistakes of the past and not be guilty of repeating the darkest parts of human history.

The goal should be to unite against threats and violations of the natural rights of mankind regardless of the dirt on which an individual is born. That every human being has the minimal right to migrate, peacefully possess land, work to produce, use/control the fruits of that production—the fruits of their labor—and voluntarily assemble to (at the very least) enhance bargaining power in the workplace.

Latino advocacy groups are selling out the people they claim to be trying to protect by compromising these rights by tolerating: the forceful removal of portions of their earnings; the documentation/tracking of human beings, further feeding the market for slave labor conditions; and absolutely grotesque exploitation by human trafficking ‘coyotes’.

These groups compromise the fight against so-called ‘free trade agreements’ that demolish the people’s bargaining power within all countries party to these agreements. These governments sign on behalf of multinational corporations looking to maximize enslavement and minimize legal scrutiny for their use of State violence to create conditions where immigrants beg to be bought, are transported as cargo, sold, rented, kidnapped and forcefully transported back to where they were bought. And that’s if they’re lucky.

The unluckier are imprisoned without being charged of violating any moral laws to be starved, beaten, forced to labor, piss and shit on themselves for indefinite amounts of time. The unluckiest die in captivity.

Documented people within the arbitrary U.S. borders are treated as a lower branch in the caste system if they happen to be brown, especially if they live near said ‘borders’. They can be stopped, harassed for their documentation and face litmus tests given by borderline illiterate cops who are not presuming innocence but manipulating for a justification to kidnap the person. ‘Comprehensive immigration reform’ combined with ‘Constitution Free Zones‘ is inherently racist and tyrannical. The theory, rhetoric and practice of authorities clearly communicate the purpose of immigration law: not for working people to regain natural bargaining power cut off by border policies, but to further cage people within borders.

The multinationals that lobby for the NAFTA’s of the world don’t want to extend the freedom to trade, currently grossly inhibited by violent monopoly and oligopoly, borders, tariffs, demagoguery and draconian laws against people associating freely. They want ‘land grants’ and assurance they won’t be prosecuted or held liable for the abuse and robbery against migrant workers, indigenous land owners and laborers and inhabitants who pay the environmental costs of having their resources stolen and contaminated by the State and handed off to moneyed power.

These groups compromise the defense of humans’ right to migrate to pursue eudaimonia with rhetoric defending migrants’ love and loyalty for America. This rhetoric is dehumanizing as it assumes that without a shift in a migrants’ nationalism, violating their rights would be acceptable.

This conduct is disgusting and the tolerance for any of it ought to be unacceptable.

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