Former C.I.A. analyst Ray McGovern’s article at sums the strongly reported ties between the U.S. government and Jundallah, a Balochi separatist group dubbed as a terrorist organiztation, in light of the Iranian government’s arrest of its leader.

Little Alex’s post on the arrest of Abdulmalek Rigi, leader of the ‘terrorist’ group Jundallah, this week has links to more information. Read it here.

Ray McGovern, former analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.), wrote an extensive article on the U.S. government’s support of Jundallah in order to influence regime change in Iran:

But Jundullah has been spared that designation [of landing on the U.S. State Department’s list of terrorist groups], a possible indication that the U.S. government views it as a valuable asset in the face-off against Iran, or in the parlance of the “war on terror,” as one of the “good guys.”…

Rigi asserted that the U.S. representatives said a direct U.S. attack on Iran would be too costly and that Washington instead favored supporting militant groups that could destabilize Iran….

Rigi’s capture represents an embarrassment for Western and Israeli intelligence, which have tried to stir up Iran’s minorities, comprising almost half of the population. Jundullah contends that it is protecting the rights of Sunnis in Shiite-dominated Iran….

The unwelcome spotlight on Rigi and Jundullah threatens to bring out of the shadows a broader U.S. and Israeli strategy for regime change in Tehran, a goal that dates back at least to President Bush’s “axis of evil” speech in 2002.

Under such a scenario, “good guy” terrorists like Jundullah could be enlisted for purposes other than simple violence and disruption. For example, they could be used to sabotage any favorable Iranian response to President Barack Obama’s efforts toward engagement.

And this precisely is what Jundullah did last October, right after the Ahmadinejad government gave tangible proof that it was ready to engage on the nuclear issue in response to Obama’s call for negotiations.

Read the full article showing the U.S. government’s geopolitical strategy of using terrorist groups satisfy the agenda of its bully agents’ warmongering puppetmasters and its parallel to the leadup to the Bush Administration’s aggressive, criminal invasion of Iraq at

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