via Kyle Munzenrieder at the Miami New Times blog:

A proposed ordinance will come before the Miami Commission next month that would make it illegal for unauthorized people and groups to feed the homeless in Park West. Commission Chair Marc Sarnoff and other city officials spoke with Miami Today like the homeless in Miami are as disposable and worthless as excess pigeons.

(h/t: Marc Parent)

Mr. Munzenreider reports the American Civil Liberties Union is “challenging a similar ordinance passed last year in Houston”. To which Mr. Sarnoff replied, “I’m a lawyer; I love lawsuits.”

The article relates the proposed ordinance to those in London making it illegal to feed pigeons. To some sickos in Miami, homeless human beings are the equivalent of what British legislators think of pigeons. And the people have two choices: heartlessly ignore the hungry or be shot. That there’s some inherent virtue in the lifeless, shallow ignorance of restricting the limits of your worldview to the fence around your backyard.

We’re at a phase of the zeitgeist where cynicism will now be enforced by law? Are we living in a Japanese mockumentary? This is a clear display of the successes of the propaganda geared toward pitting the serfs against each other as the elite further feed on us.

These sick fucks remind me of this:

But George Carlin (as usual) rams the nail in the pinhead:

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