The justices rule that a suspect who invokes that protection can be questioned again after 14 days.

David Savage at the Los Angeles Times reports today:

A crime suspect who invokes his “right to remain silent” under the famous Miranda decision can be questioned again after 14 days, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday. And if he freely agrees to talk then, his incriminatory statements can be used against him….

In recent years, the rule has been understood to prevent police from ever requestioning a freed suspect, even for other crimes in other places. The justices said Wednesday that although the rule made sense for suspects who were held in jail, it did not make sense for suspects who had gone free.

The diction here is interesting. Rationally and constitutionally speaking, all men are created equal and free with the natural right to liberty. The Court ruled that a “suspect” who is “free” has an arbitrary expiration date on aspects of his/her so-called ‘freedom’.

The larger point here is to Constitutionalists, Ron Paul Republicans and Beltway minarchists of the Cato Institute variety: there is no such thing as a ‘constitutional right’. There are only privileges granted by the State under the pretense that all things being equal, you are the property of the State over which its agents claim the privilege to beat you like they own you because it claims they do own you.

Agents of the State are theoretically bound to the Constitution, but it’s a document which was written with the intent to change as agents of the legislative branch of the State arbitrarily decide to do so. ‘Sticking to the Constitution’ means forfeiting all rights to be beggars; overworked, dehydrated, emaciated slaves begging Massa’ for a drop of water and ecstatically thanking the tyrant for a drop and a half before being ordered to pick extra cotton now.

As Brad Spangler noted in bringing light to this Malcolm X snippet, you da’ nigga’ now:

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