Obama Administration Calls America’s Empirical Ties to Terror Group ‘Ridiculous Iranian Propaganda’

Posted: 25 February 2010 by Little Alex in International Affairs
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As more damning evidence of the U.S. government’s guidance of Jundallah surfaces, the Pentagon brushes it off as any American of the political class would: don’t look at the evidence, silly, look at the silly brownish people you already don’t like.

via Jason Ditz at AntiWar News today:

Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell today mocked the notion of U.S. ties to the Baloch separatist group Jundallah, saying they were “ridiculous Iranian fabrications” and “nothing more than Iranian propaganda.”

Jundallah and its checkered past has been brought back into the spotlight this week, following the arrest of leader Abdulmalek Rigi. Iranian officials say Rigi was found with a forged Afghan passport and had been on a U.S. military base less than 24 hours before his capture.

Abdulmalek’s brother, Abdulhamid, “claimed that the man acting as a go-between for Jundullah and the U.S. government is named Amanollah-Khan Rigi” and “the group is backed by the U.S.”—Press TV reported—soon after the group of separatists claimed responsibilty for a suicide bombing that killed dozens of civilians in October.

The claims were brushed off without acknowledging this or the notable investigative reports of Seymour Hersh at The New Yorker and Brian Ross at ABC News these confirm. Instead, the response is ‘don’t believe the brown people who use extreme violence to crush dissent because they don’t believe Jesus in the son of God’.

Muhammad Sahimi at AntiWar.com wrote, shortly after said suicide bombing:

The mainstream media in the U.S. tends to dismiss Iran’s charges. After Iran’s rigged presidential election of June 12 and the loss of legitimacy of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government in the eyes of a majority of Iranians, the mainstream media may be even more inclined to be dismissive of Iran’s accusations.

But regardless of Iran’s internal political situation, there is ample evidence that the George W. Bush administration was deeply involved in funding Jundallah. While it is not clear what the policy of the Obama administration is regarding Jundallah (the State Department flatly rejected Iran’s accusations), it is unlikely that the CIA’s direct or indirect support for Jundallah has ended.

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