Kucinich: Afghanistan is Also War Against the American People Through Tax Theft (Video)

Posted: 1 December 2009 by Little Alex in Af-Pak War, Political Science
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Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and Fmr. Sen. Rick Santorum on “On the Record” at FOX News discussing the prolonged Afghan occupation, which will be announced by President Barack Obama tonight. Mr. Kucinich does a good job of smashing down the ‘those on the left-those on the right’ stupid-people rhetoric – 27 Nov 09 (6:28):

There is some hypocrisy to Mr. Kucinich, which shouldn’t be ignored. Odious debt and generational theft is always immoral and authority asserting itself to do so delegitimizes itself and the individuals within that authoritative body should be held liable for their damages.

Odious debt is a crime of the Afghan occupation, but pales in comparison to the crimes against humanity and the crimes of aggression committed by the Bush and Obama Administrations against the Afghan people and their natural resources.

An additional crime against people outside of Afghanistan is the ‘world leaders’ violating their oath to protect civilians of the territories they govern when the inevitable blowback occurs in the cycle of violence. Cheerleaders of the Afghan occupation point to 9/11, but their warmongering displays that 9/11 taught them nothing.

(h/t: Marc Parent)

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