‘Taliban’ Using U.S. Weapons ‘Fallen Behind’

Posted: 10 November 2009 by Little Alex in Af-Pak War, Political Science
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“Al Jazeera has obtained exclusive footage showing the Taliban in Afghanistan displaying what appears to be U.S. weapons. The fighters say they seized the arms cache from two U.S. outposts in eastern Nuristan province. Days after the alleged assault, the U.S. military pulled out its troops from the area,” Jonah Hull reports (1:50):

We’re to believe U.S. Armed Forces are fleeing, frantically—disregarding arms and ammunition?

We’re to believe the best-trained military in the world left arms behind—where militant factions, which could disrupt the world order, could just pick them up—by accident? Or after some long-calculated cost:benefit analysis? An analysis taking up as much time to pack up the arms for transport?

The consent for the extension of the occupation is being manufactured on the basis that you’re stupid enough to believe all of these coincidences.

Logic, people.


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