RARE LAW GOSSIP: How Many Times Did She Say ‘All By Myself’? (Video)

Posted: 10 November 2009 by Little Alex in National News
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Carrie ‘Opposite Marriage’ Prejean: (a) ‘wrote’ a book; (b) for which Sean Hannity ‘wrote’ a foreword; and (c) “I was all by myself”? Form your own conclusions—and please send them to TMZ. I won’t reply to responses—like I don’t to anti-Semites and chickenhawks.

Nowhere near the, regularly heavily, substantial LAW post, but lolololololol (7:36):

My count, including “alone”: 5

</immature, counter-productive waste of time>

And, you’re right, Ms. Prejean—Christians aren’t perfect, they (you) are stupid for your superstition. Talking snakes, rebirthing whales and zombie messiahs are the beliefs of whack-jobs.

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