Ret. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Bush Administration Secretary of State Colin Powell, on the ‘Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex, perpetual war’s relation to the viability of the American Empire, ‘evil’ dollar hegemony’s inevitable demise and the inherent corruptibility of power preventing  the U.S. ‘from impeaching a president every generation’. Col. Wilkerson’s no libertarian—probably better classified as a ‘Jeffersonian military man’—as you see in his proposed solution.

Part One: “The Beginning of the American ‘Imperial Rome’ and Eisenhower’s Warning” (10:21):

Part Two: “From U.S. Debt to the Geopolitics of Oil, the U.S. Empire Will Come to an End” (12:47):

Part Three: “Will the Empire End with Good Leadership or Blood?” (14:29):

(h/t: The Real News Network)


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