Professor Noam Chomsky’s post-9/11 bibliography was rejected as a donation from a Pentagon lawyer to the library at the Guantánamo Bay prison complex.

Carol Rosenberg at The Miami Herald reports: “U.S. military censors recently rejected a Pentagon lawyer’s donation of an Arabic-language copy of the political activist and linguistic professor’s 2007 anthology Interventions for the library, which has more than 16,000 items.”

Ms. Rosenberg reports “listed categories of restricted literature to include those espousing ‘Anti-American, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Western’ ideology, literature on ‘military topics,” and works that portray ‘excessive graphic violence’ and ‘sexual dysfunctions.’ “

“This happens sometimes in totalitarian regimes,” Prof. Chomsky told Ms. Rosenberg by e-mail after learning of the decision.

“Of some incidental interest, perhaps, is the nature of the book they banned. It consists of op-eds written for The New York Times syndicate and distributed by them. The subversive rot must run very deep.”

Popular works in the library among those captive is Richard Nixon’s Victory Without War, the Harry Potter series, World Cup literature, a French cuisine cookbook and Q’uran scholars—“prescreened to make sure they contain mainstream messages”.

You can read much of Prof. Chomsky’s writings from this year here at Little Alex in Wonderland—along with many interviews and lectures—at our “Chomsky’s Lectern” section. A larger collection of his essays and interviews can be found at

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