This revelation — on top of former F.B.I. translator Sibel Edmonds blowing the whistle (most recently, in a sworn deposition) on strong links between the American-Turkish lobby and high U.S. officials in the Bush Administration and Congress plus last week’s book release of former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge ‘asserting‘ that Bush Administration top advisers pressured him to ‘raise the national threat level just before the 2004 election in what he suspected was an effort to influence the vote’ by raising fear-induced political capital — raises the eyebrow to allegations of false-flag operations being plotted and/or used to ‘manufacture consent’ for the so-called “War on Terror” in the U.S. and abroad.

Three men were arrested in 2007 and another in 2008 for plotting to bomb U.S. military bases in Germany to ‘kill as many U.S. soldiers as possible’. The group was declared as members of an Uzbekistan-based terror group Islamic Jihad Union splinter cell called, “The Sauerland Group”. “Mevlut K.”, a fifth suspect of Turkish nationality born in Germany, who the suspects confess was a ‘key figure’ in the operation ‘now appears as an informer of Turkish intelligence’ (M.I.T.) — as German intelligence (B.N.D.) was aware in 2004, the same year M.I.T. approached B.N.D. to install him into ‘Islam movements in Germany’.

“The supposedly dangerous group members [arrested] have emerged as no more than some muddle-heads. They had no links whatsoever to international Islamic terror groups,” writes Julio Godoy (IPS) – 20 Aug 09:

“No Islamic chief villain…in Pakistan or somewhere else influenced the group,” says Hans Leyendecker, one of Germany’s top investigative journalists. “Its members are dumb, narrow-minded young men who hate the U.S.”…

“Without Mevlut, we would not have been able to go as far with the preparations as we did,” Attila Selek, one of the accused, told the court. ‘K.’ had procured 26 fuses for the bombs the group was supposed to make, Selek said. Only, the fuses were useless. German police investigations showed that all but two were too humid to work.

Fritz Gelowicz, another member of the terrorist group, said the four men were informed of K.’s links with the M.I.T. “We knew that Mevlut had links with several secret services,” Gelowicz told the court. “We though that these links were good for us.”

K. apparently did not hide his links to the Turkish secret service. On at least one occasion K. told the group they were being monitored by the German security agencies. “Then he told me he was stealing this information from secret services,” Selek told the court.

Despite warnings that the German police were constantly informed of their actions, the four men continued their preparations until they were captured.

Numerous sources have confirmed that the German foreign intelligence service Bundesnachrichtendienst (B.N.D.) knew in 2004 that Mevlut K. worked for the M.I.T. That year, the sources said, the M.I.T. proposed to the B.N.D. that K. be infiltrated into Islam movements in Germany. The B.N.D. reportedly rejected the Turkish plan.

Despite the confessions about K.’s involvement, German justice failed to order his capture for a long time. Mevlut K. is believed to be living in Turkey.

German authorities only issued an international warrant against Mevlut K. Aug. 13, several weeks after depositions by the other four members of the group had been widely circulated.

The Sauerland Group could have been “an orchestration to make believe that a huge terrorist threat” was looming over U.S. military facilities in Germany, says Rene Hellig, leading commentator with the Neues Deutschland daily.

Mevlut K. was referred to as the “chief” or “boss man” by the four suspects detained — Fritz Gelowicz, Daniel Schneider, Adam Yilmaz and Attila Selek. Der Spiegel reported in April that K’s information to M.I.T. was shared with the C.I.A.:

In fact, the German terror cell did require assistance in obtaining the detonators. According to [German Federal Criminal Office of Criminal Investigation (B.K.A.)] officials, Selek, who went back to Turkey in February 2007, approached a certain “Sut”, a man investigators believe is Mevlut K.

K. was able to help, too. He activated his network in Germany and the Balkans from his base in Turkey — a surprising bycatch for investigators. According to the investigators’ file, he activated at least 10 people in the next few weeks. Three are now under investigation in Germany by criminal investigators in the state of Lower-Saxony. Serbian authorities also have K.’s Balkans connections on the radar….

Mevlut K. had already arranged for a second and larger ration though. Investigators believe it was K. himself who hand-delivered the detonators in a plastic bag in an Istanbul mosque to a then 15-year-old German-Tunisian boy from Wolfsburg. The young man would later serve as a witness in the case. The contents of the bag included a pair of “Spice” brand shoes. Czech detonators had been hidden in the soles. The boy was paid €100 and he took a bus back to Germany, where he is believed to have turned over the detonators to Gelowicz on August 26 in the city of Braunschweig.

During arrests of three of the suspects in the terror cell in the town of Oberschledorn in the Sauerland region in the western state North-Rhine Westphalia on Sept. 4, 2007, all 26 detonators were recovered by police in a rental car. B.K.A. specialists later tested them and found that only three were fully functional — the rest had gotten moist or were unsuitable for the purpose. Was it a coincidence that they didn’t work or a security measure on the part of informant K.’s minders? In any case, says one shaken German investigator, “Three would have been enough.”

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  2. xmilitary says:

    Thought you should have my full comment as well…

    In regards to someone saying CIA was involved I added;

    “Considering I just got confirmation from the German Foreign Ministry that I no longer have an NDA with them, per their own statement, I can tell you, you are likely wrong on the involvement of CIA.”

    I would say, look closer to home on this one. BND is a good candidate, since they are the German version of CIA.

    This will be the first time I mention this anywhere in public, but the following is fact:

    In the late 1980’s a tourist bus in Turkey blew up, killing up to 10 civilians. Mainly German nationals taking a tour in Turkey.

    This plot was soon blamed on the Kurdish PKK.

    The reason was simple. Germany cannot and will not change it’s constitution, and it had ample problems with large amounts of immigration by mainly Kurdish people to the so called Gastarbeiter (Guest Worker) system.

    To prevent further immigration without changing the constitution, banning family members from coming to live with workers whom had been in Germany for a set number of years, they needed a “legal reason” to prevent said immigrants from crossing the borders.

    BND executed the plan, per information I received from the local staff of an Embassy, to blow up it’s own people and thus label PKK a terrorist organization. Hence no more immigration possible and the sort term goal was achieved.

    —Fast forward to a period shortly after 9/11/2001

    Shortly after the elections of a new Turkish parliament, the new politicians in Turkey consisted mainly of uninformed, inexperienced people with many personal agendas.

    They lacked the scrutiny and experience to see through the vast clouds of financially strong lobby agencies and allowed themselves once more to be duped by the German govt.

    Germany put up a rouge “voluntary surrender” of a “potential threat to Turkey’s national security” by handing over an employee of the German Goehte Institute.

    The Goehte Institute is a very interesting organization in and of itself and you will find that every location on the planet that has a German Embassy also has an office for this “spook-front” institute.

    Nevertheless, Germany tried to “buy itself some leniency and a good ear” with the govt. of Turkey by presenting “the evidence and support” to the officials at this time, and spent ample resources documenting massive amounts of paperwork and data about how one of “their own” had been supporting the PKK.

    The news broke in media, but soon after died down again as (most likely CIA and Mossad) saw straight through this scheme, and put a well aimed blow in to prevent the desired outcome by the Germans. Further aided by the already existing “knee-deep in sh*t Inc.” put in place by US/Turkish operatives.

    (”knee-deep in sh*t Inc.” = Sibel Edmond’s named group)

    If you all recall the moments shortly before the next “war on terror”, Turkey banned USA from using the air fields in the East of Turkey. Thus preventing efficient targeting of Iraq and re-loading of ground troops from this location. They did everything short of block landing and take off preventing an effective ground campaign from being launched from the North.

    It seemed the German plan (assumed) had succeeded, thus preventing a fully capable force to strike Iraq, and thus slowing down and possibly preventing this illegal war action leading to several millions dead.

    It is my belief, based on my experience of these common bastards way of operating, that the Germans tried to prevent the war by these tactics without having to go out in general media disclosing that they knew or suspected that 9/11 was an inside job.

    Trust me, the Germans know by far more than people give them credit for, and I believe they truly gave it a mediocre shot at preventing a war based on, later to be proven, falsified intelligence as presented by Tony Blair and George W. Bush.

    Their weakness was on the other hand that they had no desire in disclosing this information first hand to media, because the BND and German govt. has an anything but loving relationship with it’s media partners Der Spiegel and Die Stern, but that is a completely different story I could spend hours on talking about.

    — The Invasion…

    A quick phone call to a man named “David” at the Turkey desk of the State Dept. that day surely turned a few heads. I wouldn’t dream of thinking I had anything to do with the change of the Turkish decisions, but within three hours of my talking to the State Dept. (US) the airports where apparently opened, and the invasion had a full go.

    In hindsight I wish I had shut up and left them alone on this “semi-inside” tip/summary back then.

    So mark my words, the Germans are to deeply involved in their own local / domestic terror plans, it is disgusting and if people only knew how much of the Bourne trilogy’s second part really was, then Merckel and others in the German govt. would have a lot of explaining to do.

    Then again, until people start looking beyond the edge of their own kitchen door and personal agendas, there is very little we as a human species can do about stopping these genocidal maniacs of our so-called Intelligence Organizations.

    I have always believed, due to my personal experience in this field, that there is None and will never be Any so called terrorism which is successful by any means, unless it is supported, financed, planned, supported or executed by the “intended target’s” own intelligence sources.

    The proof is in the fact that the smaller true terror cells which are captured lack financial means, technical capacity, logistical ability as well as experience required to conduct any form of organized attacks whatsoever.

    The really dangerous terrorists are all state funded, supported and most often created by the “target” itself.

    So, with the risk of now putting myself on the list of undesirable elements, at least I can truthfully say, I spent three weeks confirming that I am not bound by any NDA, and that I have not named any one personally or specifically, and I will testify in front of Congress if required to do so, that what I have said here is truthfully reflected information given to me by parties indirectly or directly involved in these matters.

    Stay Safe and Sound Everyone
    – Paranoid by Choice

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