A message from AntiWar.com.

Well, it’s not quite the end of the world for us — but it’s pretty damned close.

Our fundraising efforts have, so far, been a colossal flop. That may seem a bit blunt, but we’ve always reported the news straight on — and that includes news about this site. Quite honestly, we are facing the biggest crisis in our decade-long existence: financially, we’re just about out of gas, and if this weekend doesn’t bring a major increase in contributions, we are finished, gone, kaput.

See those words at the top of the page? It says: “emergency appeal,” and that’s what this is: an emergency. No, we’re not exaggerating. No, this isn’t just a come on. We mean it, because it’s true.

We must raise at least $20,000 by Monday morning — or else we won’t be able to make our payroll. We won’t be able to pay our writers, or our web technicians. We won’t be able to pay for our server.

In short, Antiwar.com will be over — unless you act now.

At a time when both the pro-Obama “left” and the neoconservative “right” are hailing the escalation of the Afghan war and getting ready to go after Iran, Antiwar.com is more essential than ever.

Who else will stand up for peace?

Since 1995, we’ve been standing guard on the ramparts, warning of wars as they approach — long before they’re on anyone else’s radar. As the U.S. digs down into Afghanistan and lurches into Pakistan, we’ve been sounding the alarm — virtually alone.

Not that we’re complaining. That’s how the opposition to the Iraq war started out — virtually alone. This time around, dissent on Obama’s wars is even more marginalized: you won’t read about it in the news, or see it covered on television. Yet opposition is growing — which is why we need Antiwar.com more than ever. As a rallying point and informational guide to events overseas, this web site has no peer. We are the online antiwar movement — and the War Party would like nothing better than to see us out of commission.

Don’t let it happen. Because we will be out of commission if this weekend doesn’t see more progress on the fundraising front. Please — we know you’re strapped, these days, but this is important: make your tax-deductible contribution right now.

Stand up to the War Party!

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If you buy from Amazon.com, a commission of 4-15% will go to Antiwar.com if you go here first.

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