A message from AntiWar.com.

We’re not surprised President Obama is escalating the war in Afghanistan. After all, that’s what he said he’d do during the campaign, which is one reason we were so critical of him. Now that he’s in office, he’s following through on his promise – even as the American people turn against the Afghan war.

For the first time, a clear majority is against this futile conflict. Americans are focusing on it, at last, and seeing that it’s the same game as in Iraq: a brutal occupation with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Americans are waking up to the perils and pitfalls of intervention, but there are powerful forces that are determined to prevail over the popular will. And they’ll succeed if they aren’t opposed.

The problem is that they have vast resources – including the U.S. Treasury – and we are poor as church mice. We’re reaching millions each week with our message of peace, but that message will be cut short, and rather abruptly, if we don’t get your support.

We depend on the voluntary contributions of readers like you – ordinary people all over the world – to make the case for peace. Without your support, we’ll be out of business – and the War Party will take full advantage of this, you can be sure, to boost their propaganda campaign and bury the truth under a mountain of lies.

Your contribution to Antiwar.com is tax-deductible, and you couldn’t be making it at a better time. Because now is the time for all advocates of peace to stop the War Party in its tracks, before the rapidly escalating Af-Pak war reaches the point of no return.

Don’t delay

Another Way to Support Antiwar.com:

If you buy from Amazon.com, a commission of 4-15% will go to Antiwar.com if you go here first.

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