A message from AntiWar.com

“The clock is ticking. Iran is developing a nuclear capacity at a fairly rapid clip.”
~ Barack Obama, June 26, 2009

If you thought Obama’s victory would give us a respite from the threat of a new war, then think again. The same people who brought us the invasion of Iraq are pushing for an attack on Iran – and our president is echoing their war cries.

As we have pointed out again and again on this Web site, there is no evidence that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program. Indeed, Obama is contradicting his own CIA, which has declared “with high confidence” [.pdf] that Iran gave up its weapons program in 2003.

Yet military commanders have been singing the same tune as Obama, even using the same metaphor. “The clock is ticking,” we are told, but when did it ever stop?

The War Party has been trying to provoke a conflict with Iran for years, and today it is closer than ever to its goal. In a month or so, the deadline Obama has set for a favorable response from the Iranians will have come and gone. What then? Sanctions, threats, provocations, and war. That is the path we are treading, unless the antiwar movement finds its voice again.

The antiwar movement seems to have fallen into a catatonic state since the election of President Obama. Yet we at Antiwar.com have not been silent. We’ve been exposing the war propaganda that inundates the mainstream media on a daily basis, debunking the phony “intelligence” aimed at demonizing Iran, and giving our readers the facts about who and what is behind the latest push for war.

Yet we can’t continue to do it without your help. We must raise enough money to keep going, and we’re counting on you – our readers and supporters – to make sure our voice isn’t stilled. We’re trying to prevent an eminently avoidable war, but we need your assistance, and we need it now. Without your tax-deductible donation, we just won’t be able to stay online – at a time when our voice is needed more than ever before.

Stand up to the War Party.

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