CCR supports U.S. solders who refuse to deploy; U.S. ‘civilian surge’ in Afghanistan to begin; U.S. proposes one-year settlement freeze to Israel; U.S. drug companies writing healthcare “reform”; and more…

“The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) [et al] have filed an appeal with the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces yesterday seeking to vacate the ‘bad conduct’ discharge of a former soldier who was sentenced to a year in military prison for refusing to return to fight in Iraq,” CCR said in a press release in support of Camilo Mejia-Castillo, the first soldier to publicly condemn the war in Iraq and refuse to return, and SPC Victor Agosto, who was court-martialed yesterday for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan.

900 U.S. technocrats are being sent to Afghanistan in the implementation of its “civilian surge”, according to the Congressional Research Service (Wired).

Pakistani farmers from fruitful Swat Valley and their families have been devastated by the U.S.-puppeteered air strikes by the Pakistan military. The losses are an estimated $1bn and the Pakistan gov’t is broke. Guess who needs to come in? Central banking cartels are going to put these people in debt for the violence of the Pakistani gov’t (IPS).

Pakistan Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud may have been killed in an air strike yesterday that killed his wife and father-in-law yesterday. “The information that we have received says that Baitullah’s vehicle was seen entering the house 45 minutes to one hour before the attack, but we don’t know for certain whether he was there exactly when the strike took place,” said an unnamed Pakistan official (PTV).

A planned increase in U.S. troops on Colombian military bases could be a step toward war in South America, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Wednesday (Reuters).

“You weren’t conquered, you were liberated,” Israel’s neo-fascist FM Avigdor Lieberman told the people of Ghajar, invaded and occupied by Israel in its 2006 war with Lebanon (

U.S. MidEast Envoy George Mitchell has, reportedly, proposed a one year settlement freeze to Israel PM Bibi Netanyahu. “The fact that the U.S. is seeking only a one year freeze now, instead of a permanent cessation of expansion, is likely to be seen as a serious concession from the Obama Administration and a political victory for Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government, amid concerns that their hardline position would harm U.S. ties,” writes Jason Ditz (

U.S. Secy. of St. Hillary Clinton ‘threatens’ to “take action” ‘against Eritrea if it does not stop supporting militants in Somalia’. Mrs. Clinton also wants to expand support for the installed Somali “government”. ‘Eritrea denies supporting Somalia’s al-Shabab militants, who are trying to overthrow Somalia’s government’ (BBC). AntiWar Radio host Scott Horton interviewed Kelley Vlahos on U.S. threats toward Eritrea and U.S. intervention in Somalia July 24. Prof. Jeremy Keenan was on DN! today discussing AFRICOM, the U.S. military command in Africa. See the interview here.

U.S. drug companies ‘with a seat at the table’ in writing healthcare policy agreed to put up $80bn and the White House has assured that whatever policy emerges from the Congress will not exceed that cost (NYT). One has to reasonably wonder why the industry would do this… DUH! It’s because government healthcare gives this select cartel a monopol, giving them a highly reasonable gross expectation much higher than $80bn with an extremely low margin of error. Healthcare “reform” is not curbing the industry and it is not an effort by the gov’t to wipe out the private sector; it’s clearly a public-private partnership where corporations fix prices, halt R&D/innovation, and take it public money at inflated prices. WAKE UP AND STOP BEING STUPID, PEOPLE! The White House is encouraging people to email for people to send ‘misinformation’ about the ‘healthcare debate’. Sen John Cornyn (R-TX) says the White House is using this to compile an “enemies list” (RAW STORY)

Wall St. banks and lawyers are set to net $1bn in fees from the NY FED and AIG in managing the breakup of the insurance giant, the WSJ reports. NY FED docs and experts put Morgan Stanley to receive $250m. Among others making out are Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Blackstone Group, Davis Polk & Wardwell, and Ernst & Young. AIG has received $180bn in bailout money and 80% of its financing is from the U.S. government (Reuters).

“The most important reform is to never again be held hostage by institutions that pose a systemic risk and therefore have the power to tell us: ‘If you don’t give us the money, we’re going to blow up the whole system,'” Arianna Huffington wrote in a rarely decent post today on the financial system (HuffPo). “Actually, what we have now is worse than a hostage system because in a classic hostage setup, after you pay the ransom you get the hostage back. We’ve paid more than a king’s ransom, but have not taken the hostage — our financial system — back from the banks.” Ms. Huffington cited Rep. Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Fed in one sentence, followed by an attack on Republicans, and nothing else, though. It’s pretty clear that this dingbat wrote this article knowing nothing of how the FED is the kidnappers in this “hostage system”. It isn’t about transparency. It’s about exposing a scam to abolish the institution forever. If central banking isn’t abolished, the effort becomes moot.

Pakistan issued a global alert for 13 suspects in connection with the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks that killed over 170 and shut down the city for days. The suspects were not named. India and the U.S. have publicly suspected Pakistan-based terror group, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), of the attacks (BBC). Pakistan intelligence has a long history of aiding LeT.

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