al Jazeera’s “Empire” hosted by Marwan Bishara takes a look at the new political stage in Latin America, reacting to U.S. interventionism on behalf of corporate interests and European colonialist elitism, the differences in the approaches of Bolivarian Socialists — Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador — and the ‘Third Way’ Eastern Hemisphere economic alliances of Brazil. In Part One, Mr. Bishara interviews Prof. Noam Chomsky. Part Two is a panel of scholars.

Viva la Evolucion

30 July 09 | AJE

While Manuel Zelaya, Honduras’ democratically-elected president, was unceremoniously overthrown in a military coup and sent into exile, Latin America was quick to condemn this attack on democracy. So did the U.S., eventually.

How Washington behaves in the coming period will have a lasting effect on inter-American and arguably North-South relations.

Latin America has historically been a region where empires have collided.

After decades that have seen numerous violent revolutions, military coups, the emergence and establishment of Bolivarian Socialism and more recently, catastrophic economic collapse, a new Latin America is now emerging.

The recent political and social confrontations occurring in places such as Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia and Honduras are re-shaping the continent as countries question old alliances and make new alignments.

The US has long exerted political and military influence in the region but with a succession of elected leaders such as Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Bolivia’s Evo Morales and Ecuador’s Rafael Correa rejecting such influence a new era of U.S.-Latin American relations is emerging.

Upon his election as U.S. president, Barack Obama promised closer cooperation with regional neighbours, including efforts to improve relations with Communist Cuba.

In this month’s Empire Marwan Bishara and his guests examine the state of North-South relations in the hemisphere, question the extent and potential impact of the change promised by Obama, analyse the alternative political model posed by Hugo Chavez and ask whether President Lula da Silva of Brazil is now another counter-point for the region.

In a special interview Professor Noam Chomsky discusses U.S.-Latin America relations and the repercussions of the crisis in Honduras.

Part One – Interview with Prof. Chomsky (25:08):

Part Two – Dr. Celia Szusterman, Prof. Roberto Mangabeira Unger, Dr. Andres Mejia Acosta (22:12):

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