Iraq launces attack on U.S.-backed terror group;  Majority of  U.K. see Afghan War ‘unwinnable’; Colombia joins U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan; Chicago Police issue new “deadly force” policy;  Deaf, disabled man tasered for not listening; HuffPo hires David Axelrod’s son as an editor; Walter Block is an anarchist; and more…

Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis issued a new “deadly force” policy allowing cops to shoot drivers to go into effect after this weekend. “Chicago cops will now be permitted to shoot at drivers or passengers in cases of felons fleeing in motor vehicles,” Michael Sneed reports (Chicago Sun Times). “Critics claim the new policy is ‘ridiculous’ and the liability to the City of Chicago could be astronomical.

Antonio Love, a 37-year-old deaf man with the “mental abilities of a 10-year-old”, was tased by a cop in Mobile, AL for… not listening (Jonathan Turley).

Prof. Turley wrote of Kathryn Winkfein — a 4″11′, 72-year-old great-grandmother — being tased by a Texas cop last June. The dash cam video shows it was a dare (1:45):

HuffPo’s new Denver edition hired Ethan Axelrod, son of U.S. President Barack Obama’s chief strategist David Axelrod, as its editor (WaPo). Colorado’s youth population and migration is increasing, raising the amount of “civil libertarians” in the population. HuffPo used its Chicago to massive organize for Obama and Democrats in forming a propaganda centerpiece for the ’08 election. Colorado is a prime swing state. And the White House Media Complex is only a tool of the “right”. What a joke.

Prof. Chomsky will be on al Jazeera‘s “Empire” Wednesday evening, an amazing monthly show hosted by Marwan Bishara (AJE). The topic is U.S. relations with Latin America. We’ll post the video here when AJE puts it on YouTube.

“The Israeli army has launched another cross border attack on the Gaza Strip, opening fire on villagers’ homes south of the impoverished sliver.” (PTV)

Justin Raimondo makes about the best case on can make for getting out of the Palestine-Israel so-called “peace process”. He doesn’t stop with welfare to Israel, but also points to the nasty Palestinian “leadership” (collaborators), and U.S. support for brutal dictatorships in Egypt and Saudi Arabia ( Nathan Guttman reports that Obama is “pressuring Arab leaders” to compromise on the 2002 Saudi Initiative with a return to the pre-1967 borders, which is supported by the Arab League, in accordance with U.N. 242.

Israel is allowing 130,000 tons of cement along other building supplies to enter the Gaza Strip (BBC). Sadly, this is a story truly worth reporting.

Lebanon declared ” a state of high alert” in response to Israeli tank buildup on the border (Ha’aretz).

Iraq raided a camp used by the People’s Mujahideen of Iran (M.E.K.), killing at least eight. M.E.K. is backed by the U.S. and has been used to plant false evidence accusing Iran of a nuclear weapons program, though the militant Marxist group of Iranian dissidents is on the U.S. list of terror groups. (McClatchy and Amnesty International reports 400 injured. For more on the U.S. support of M.E.K., see our post on Seymour Hersh and Brian Ross’s reports.

Immigrants kidnapped to U.S. detention centers are put in solitary confinement, not allowed outdoor rec time, are denied legal access for prolonged periods of time, the National Immigration Law Center reported (LAT).

280,000 Tamil civilians are still being held prisoner in Sri Lankan gulags, in violation of international law (HRW).

52% of British believe the Afghan War is “unwinnable” (AJE). This comes after a poll revealed 53% of Americans want the Af-Pak occupation to end.

Top U.S. Commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, emphasized that “insurgents” are hiding among the Afghan population in an interview with Julian Barnes at the LAT. I wonder if this top assassin and military genius can figure out that “insurgents” aren’t “mobilizing” into the population so much as when U.S.-led coalition forces enter populations, the population fights back.

“Colombian troops are on their way to Afghanistan. CBS News is reporting a group of elite Colombian Special Operations forces are set to join the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan as early as next month. Colombia is the top recipient of U.S. aid in the Americas despite having one of its worst human rights records and the world’s second-largest internally displaced population after Sudan. A ‘top U.S. official’ told CBS News, ‘The more Afghanistan can look like Colombia, the better.'” (DN!)

The Colombian government, backed the U.S., was continuing its genocidal programs against the indigenous during the visit of a U.N. envoy (IPS).

“Some of our officers went to extremes during these events and caused damage while pursuing protestors,” Iran’s police chief Ismail Ahmadi-Moqaddam… conceded? Don’t know what to call this. His officers beat the shit out of thousands, some to death and kidnapped hundreds (PTV).

Healthcare cooperatives are being called a “centrist” position (LAT). True healthcare cooperatives wouldn’t be “centrist”, they be free market solutions to getting more people covered and cutting costs, but there’s a lot more state intervention that needs to be destroyed for a just healthcare system in the U.S. The State is literally killing people with its regulations.

Russia is objecting to U.S. observers in Georgia (RT – 0:42):

Ten incidents of “corrective rape” are reported to Triangle, a South African gay rights organization, each week by lesbians (BBC).

“White supremacist radio host Hal Turner was an FBI informant, his lawyer revealed in court today,” writes Stephen Webster (Raw Story). “Turner was arrested on June 24 for allegedly calling for the murder of three judges who supported the Chicago gun ban.”

24 children from the ages of 7 to 17 attended Camp Quest in Bruton, an atheist summer camp. “For the ‘centrepiece’ of its scientific approach to religion the camp asks its participants to search for two invisible unicorns,” reports the BBC. I love this story. I read about it in the Times a bit ago and can’t get enough of it. Makes me want to have kids just to send them there.

The title of the most recent podcast made us laugh and we’re not sure why. It’s simply titled, “Walter Block is an Anarchist. After listening to it, it’ll probably be posted here. Prof. Block is an intriguing speaker.

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