Bush Administration considered breaking the Posse Comitatus Act in 2001 to have the military arrest people on U.S. soil; U.S. admits it has no evidence to supporting holding teenager at Gitmo; India launches nuclear sub; U.S.-allied refugees labeled “terrorists”; Police sodomize man with taser; and more…

In the weekly “Bombshell News Release Late on Friday Night While No One’s Paying Attention” story: Bush V.P. Dick Cheney urged then-president George W. Bush to break the Posse Comitatus Act of 1871, prohibiting the military from acting as a domestic law enforcement agency on American soil (martial law), to arrest six men in New York, according to a memo dated 23 Oct. 2001 (NYT). Read Glenn Greenwald’s analysis here.

“Henry Louis Gates’s behavior and attitude aren’t in question; whether or not he was acting as he ought, Sergeant James Crowley had no reason to be there and no justification and no excuse for arresting him or hauling him off to jail,” writes Charles Johnson (RadGeek) “Nothing that Gates could possibly have said, under the circumstances, would have made the arrest and imprisonment justifiable or even excusable; and when legally-privileged agents of the state go around attacking innocent men, I’m a hell of a lot more worried about that than I am about policing the conduct of the victims of their aggression and coercion.”

The 15th Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Egypt’s report suggests: ‘all States to defend, preserve and promote the purposes and principles of the U.N. Charter and the principles of international law; all States shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State’ among many other “zingers”, Dr. Gordon Prather reports (AntiWar.com). The report also notes: “In recent years, the Security Council has been too quick to threaten or authorise enforcement action in some cases [involving, for example, Iran] while being silent and inactive in others [involving, for example, Israel]. Furthermore, the Council has been increasingly resorting to Chapter VII of the Charter as an umbrella for addressing issues that do not necessarily pose an immediate threat to international peace and security.” Of the 118 nation-states represented, the U.S. was not present.

If Israel attacks Iran, a nuclear weapon could go off in Israel, but not one belonging to Iran (as Iran has none). Israel has plenty of nukes and Iran General Mohammad Ali Jafari said, “There is nothing stopping us from targeting Israel’s nuclear sites and this will definitely happen if we are attacked. Our rockets have the precision capabilities to target all the Israeli nuclear sites.” (HuffPo)

The U.S. Justice Dept. admits it has no case to further hold 19-year-old Mohammed Jawad at Gitmo. Mr. Jawad has been in U.S. custody since he was 12, seven years ago. (McClatchy)

The Palestinian Authority of Fatah and Hamas are oppressing the Palestinians with the Israeli government. They’re merely all competing for the monopoly to exploit the people. More from Mel Frykberg here.

The Obama Administration is replicating the Bush Surge in Iraq by bribing locals (farmers) to ally with the U.S-led coalition (LAT). Have we not learned that the money spigot is finite and when that reality is shown, animosity increases over the long term?

One of Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s vice presidential candidates, Mohammed Qasim Fahim, survived an assassination attempt, officials say (BBC). The U.S. Democratic Party elite have exported top political strategist James Carville to consult one of Mr. Karzai’s opponents in the coming election. “Among other things Karzai promised, if reelected, to make the international forces in the nation sign a framework regulating how they operate, particularly in an effort to limit civilian casualties,” reports Jason Ditz (Antiwar.com) “His condemnation has raised tensions with the US, and the Obama Administration has hoped to see him replaced with a less critical president. That tension has also led the US to emphasize accusations of corruption, which have harmed Karzai’s image.”

India launched its first locally manufactured nuclear submarine today (CNN).

China is not restrticting bank transactions with North Korea (FT), but U.S. Secy. of State Hillary Clinton praised China’s actions with North Korea on “Meet the Press”, Sunday. Coincidentally, the U.S. is on a fast track toward hyperinflationary disaster and Mrs. Clinton, with U.S Treasury Secy. Timothy Geithner, are meeting with Chinese officials this week, as China begins to swap currencies with countries to take them away from the U.S. dollar.

Chinese steel workers “killed Chen Guojun, the general manager of Jianlong Steel Holding Company, after learning that the privatised firm was to buy a majority stake in state-owned Tonghua Iron and Steel Group. The deal now appears to be scrapped.” The workers were angry that Mr. Chen received 300m yuan last year while retirees received as little as 200 yuan per month (Guardian).

The U.S. Third World Enslavement Bank (known as the International Monetary Fund) approved a $2.6bn loan to Sri Lanka. The U.S. and Britain did abstain from the vote due to human rights abuses during and following the 25+ year civil war by the Sri Lankan gov’t (NYT).

Iraqi artist Sami Alkarim cannot receive permanent residence in Denver, CO because he worked as a messenger for a political party in Iraq as a teenager. the political party is the same of the U.S.-backed current prime minister of Iraq (McClatchy).

An 8-year-old Liberian girl in Arizona was disowned by her parents after four boys raped her. The young boys, ages 9-14, are also Liberian immigrants and have been charged — the 14-year-old as an adult. The young girl’s parents said their daughter has ‘shamed them’. The girl is in the custody of Child Protective [sic] Services now (BBC).

“Idaho police sodomize man with taser”…. Seriously. Read more from Carlos Miller here.

A new chapter of Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) is forming in Denver, CO (InfoShop News). This is good to see as the Chicago ABC has hit a road block. Hopefully, it’s revived soon.

Angola’s shift from brutal Marxism to brutal corporatism is creating a growingly substantial black market demand (IPS).

“Obama: More change in U.S.-Cuba policy won’t come soon.” (McClatchy)

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