Acquitted detainees could fall under Obama’s ‘indefinite, prolonged detention’ executive order; U.K. outsourced torture to Pakistan; Report: Obama OK’s more Israel settlements; Obama Administration says Iran should be attacked and not attacked… at the same time; Uighurs could face death penalty for demonstrations in China; Cop tasers a epileptic girl 14-year-old girl, sending 50k volts to her head; Documents show Robert McNamara deceived LBJ on the Gulf of Tonkin attack; and more…

Acquitted detainees could fall under Pres. Obama’s executive order to kidnap whoever, for whatever reason, for any prolonged amount of time. “Top Pentagon lawyer Jeh Johnson informed the Senate Armed Services Committee today that the Obama Administration might decide to continue imprisoning detainees indefinitely, even if they were charged with a crime, tried and acquitted,” writes Jason Ditz: (

“‘Due process’ is pure window dressing with only one goal: to ensure that anyone the President wants to keep imprisoned will remain in prison,” writes Glenn Greenwald (Salon)

“Liberals continue to be largely silent in the face of policies that they once denounced and protested,” writes GWU law professor Jonathon Turley. “It is rare to hear any coverage or questions of the Administration’s refusal to investigate war crimes of torture, for example. Liberals seem to be quickly developing a cult of personality that has supplanted the most basic principles of human rights and international law.”

The Obama Adminstration is still detaining prisoners at Bagram (“The Other Guantanamo”) without trial in Afghanistan “following well-documented accounts of detainee deaths, torture and ‘disappeared’ prisoners”. Ex-detainees described their abuse to the BBC. See the video here.

Fmr. Minister of Parliament David Davis reveals how the U.K. exported torture — “how MI5 and Greater Manchester police effectively sub-contracted the torture of Rangzieb Ahmed to a Pakistani intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI)” MI5 tipped off ISI the Mr. Ahmed was going to Pakistan, though the U.K. had enough evidence to convict him, drew up the questions he faced, and were well aware ISI was torturing him. (guardian)

“Obama declared the ‘days when empires could treat sovereign states as pieces on a chessboard are over’. The United States currently has hundreds of military bases across the planet, and is engaged in massive wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan,” writes Jason Ditz. Mr. Obama was directing the statement toward Russia. When will this statement be made at Georgia and Israel? (

“Obama in Russia” by Justin Raimondo ( “Here lies the real sore point between Russia and the U.S.: Georgia, whose U.S.-supported-and-subsidized ‘Rose Revolution’ installed a militantly anti-Russian and ultra-nationalistic regime in power. Last year Georgia launched an unprovoked attack on the neighboring republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, both of which have been effectively independent of Georgia for a decade.”

Russia will propose a new reserve currency at the G-8 Summit this week in Italy (PTV). China, India, and Brazil held a summit with Russia last month. The G5 of major developing countries are avoiding currency swaps with the U.S.

U.S. drones killed at least 45 in South Waziristan. (

“Will What We Don’t Know (or Care to Know) Hurt Us?” by Tom Englehardt ( “You’d have to make a desperate effort not to know that Michael Jackson (until recently excoriated by the media) had died, and you’d have to make a similarly desperate effort to know that we’ve knocked off one wedding party after another these last years in Afghanistan.”

“The entire region in which Afghanistan sits is of vital strategic importance to the United Kingdom,” U.K. Defence Minister Bob Ainsworth said in his first major speech at the post. (guardian)

The Obama Administration has reportedly given the nod to more Israeli settlements. Israeli daily, Ma’ariv, reports the construction of  700 buildings on Israeli settlements, containing 2,500 units, in the West Bank was “negotiated” between the U.S. and Israel. Pres. Obama called for a settlement freeze in front of all the cameras. (Ha’aretz) The U.S. State Dept. spokesperson denies the report.

The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) testified before the U.N. that Palestinians detained by Israel were cuffed and blindfolded without access to food, water, or restrooms in the custody of Shin Bet, Israel’s secret police. The U.N. is investigating the Gaza Massacre, where Israel killed almost 1,200 civilians (including 200+communal security officers and nearly 300 children) in 22 days. Israel has refused to participate in the probe. (h/t:

Fmr. U.S. Congresswoman spoke with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! after being kidnapped by Israel — while delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza — and released from captivity a couple of days ago. See the interview here. Viva Palestina activists are trapped in Egypt trying to deliver aid to Gaza. Egypt has collaborated with Israel to impose a blockade, turning Gaza into a death camp.

“The United Nations demanded Wednesday that Israel implement a five-year-old ruling of its International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague that deemed most of the West Bank separation fence illegal.(Ha’aretz)

Israel kidnapped 13 more Palestinian civilians yesterday in the West Bank. (PTV)

President Obama denies giving a nod to Israel for a strike on Iran, though his VP suggested otherwise. Russia condemned the VP’s remarks. “[L]ast month’s move by a prominent Iran hawk, Dennis Ross, from the State Department to a senior position in the White House… added to speculation that the administration was leaning toward a more confrontational policy…. Ross had signed on to reports that not only called for increasing coordination between Israel and the U.S. on Iran policy, but for using the possibility of an Israeli attack on Iran as leverage in a negotiating process.” (IPS)

Secy. of St. Hillary Clinton is calling for countries to impose “even stricter sanctions on Iran to try to change the behavior of the regime”. Sanctions would hurt the Iranian people first, in an effort to starve, impoverish the people into overthrowing the regime — a violent act on the people of a foreign nation to change its politics. Someone might want to tell Mrs. Clinton that this is the very definition of “international terrorism”. Never mind, she knows; she just doesn’t care. It’s only terrorism when the brown people do it to the white people. (AFP)

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen said attacking Iran is not off the table, though such an attack would be ill-advised. Mr. Mullen also said he believes that “Iran is very focused on developing [nuclear weapons] capability”, though there is no evidence to support a road toward such capability. (

Chinese Communist Party leader calls for Uighurs to face death penalty for their roles in demonstrations this week. “Li Zhi, the party boss in Urumqi, the Xinjiang capital and the center of the violence, said that many suspected instigators had been arrested and that most were students,” writes Edward Wong. At least 156 have died in the segregated state in demonstrations on Sunday. The Muslim Uighurs were protesting repressive policies of the Chinese gov’t. (NYT)

“Less discussed are the Uighurs’ real grievances: Beijing’s tight control over the practice of Islam; Han Chinese who migrate to Xinjiang and take the better jobs there; and the fact that ethnic minorities lack regular access to the government bureaucracy, where business in China is largely done, writes Russell Leigh Moses. “The state apparatus has become dizzy with success in dealing with unrest. This gives little hope that further mass outbreaks will not be violently crushed. It also demonstrates that social upheaval will not pave the way to democracy. The party is too strong and confident to allow change from below.” (NYT)

“[China’s] efforts once again to control all information — cellphone and Internet services in Xinjiang have been cut while officials have escorted reporters to the scene so they can ‘spin’ the story — are cynical and futile,” comments the NYT on China using the U.S. method to control truth. Oddly, The NYT editors filled their coverage of the Gaza Massacre with nothing but “Israel officials said…” as those officials slaughtered over 1,400 people, using the same method of confining the press, and still don’t cover the conditions over the past months since the assault that’ve resulted from Israel’s blockade on the Strip — turning it into a “prison by the beach,” as AntiWar Radio host Scott Horton calls it. Where are their editorials when doctors, politicians, and scholars are constantly kidnapped and tortured for attempted to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza?

Cop tasers 14-year-old epileptic girl because “he was afraid she might be injured if she ran into traffic”. Tucumcari, NM Police Chief Roger Hatcher delivered 50,000 volts to the girl’s head and wants the girl to be charged… You can’t make this shit up. (Jonathon Turley)

U.S. and South Korean government agencies have been hit with “cyber-attacks” this week. The finger’s being pointed at North Korea, but the New York Stock Exchange was also hit yesterday. (BNO News) On the 4th of July, an ex-Goldman Sachs executive was arrested for trying to ‘steal‘ the corporation’s secret trading codes.

“Robert McNamara Deceived LBJ on Gulf of Tonkin, Documents Show” by Gareth Porter. (Raw Story)

Undercover investigators smuggled live bomb components in all ten federal buildings they attempted (Raw Story). Just goes to show you that the best security is a reasonable, superstition-free philosophy of objective, universal morality. ‘Defensive’ measures where arbitrary authority can abuse freedom is not universal, therefore is immoral. If we can’t figure that out, we can’t figure out that killing people, removing one’s right to defend themselves against the initiation of force, and true liberty (which is non-violent) is morally reprehensible. Not bad ammunition for those who look into bombs bringing down the World Trade Center towers.

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