Pope Benedict calls for a “world political authority”; Global opinion poll says ‘U.S. abuses its power’; Chinese gov’t clamp down on Muslims and media; Israel blocks doctors from performing surgeries on Gazan children; The Christian Science Monitor is becoming a gang of warmongerers; Democrats block audit of the Federal [sic] Reserve; and more…

The Pope called for a “world political authority” to arbitrarily manage the fruits of people’s labor. Hang him. (Reuters)

Salud! to Bob Herbert at the NYT for his column disrespecting Fmr. U.S. Secy. of Defense Robert McNamara a day after his death. We need more of this after evil people die, instead of the usual fawning over the corpse (*cough* Michael Jackson). See Howard Zinn and others chime in on the death of a war criminal from today’s Democracy Now! Joseph Galloway wrote a great obit for McClatchy “with great pleasure”.

“Fifteen countries said the U.S. abuses its power and is coercive, while overwhelming majorities in all 19 countries surveyed thought that the U.S. throws its military weight around to gain advantage,” writes Ali Gharib, though “an average of 61 percent of those polled have at least some confidence in President Barack Obama to make sound decisions.”.(IPS)

In China’s far western region of Xinjiang, Uighurs have continued to protest the gov’t land grabbing, violent segregation, mass kidnapping, and exile. Yesterday, at least 156 people were killed, over 1,000 injured, and at least 1,434 arrested. The Muslim World has deported Uighurs and remained silent to China’a atrocities, exiled from China after the gov’t steals their land — most notably the 17 picked up by the U.S. in Afghanistan, renditioned to Gitmo, and recently released seven years later. Andreas Lorenz reported for Der Spiegel that police were “powerless”, as the gov’t has kidnapped an eight-year-old boy after “arbitrarily beating up men and women and Han Chinese shout, “Death to Uighurs!”

“China’s central government took all the usual steps to enshrine its version of events as received wisdom: it crippled Internet service, blocked Twitter’s micro-blogs, purged search engines of unapproved references to the violence, saturated the Chinese media with the state-sanctioned story,” Michael Wines reported for the NYT. “Hours after troops quelled the protests, in which 156 people were reported killed, the state invited foreign journalists on an official trip to Urumqi, Xinjiang’s capital and the site of the unrest, “to know better about the riots.” Indeed, it set up a media center at a downtown hotel.” Looks as if China learned from Iran. Don’t expel the media, confine them where you want them, so you know where they are and block every source outside of that bubble from contacting the outside world. “Powerless” police regain their power with media control before the excessive use of force is used best when unseen.

The CSMonitor is beating the drum for the Corporate War Party. They point out the obvious — that as the U.S. surges into one area, violence erupts elsewhere — and uses it to propagandize for a larger effort in a pointless war. CSM is having money issues and stopped printing its publications — isolating itself to the internet — to save money. Are they selling out?

At least 16 were killed by a U.S. drone strike in the Pakistani region of South Waziristan. The NYT calls all the dead, “militants.” Sure.

Israel forcefully blocks doctors from entering the Gaza Strip to perform surgeries on children. The humanitarian mission was organized by the French gov’t. (guardian)

Israel is set to evacuate 23 illegal outposts in the West Bank, as Israeli settlers burn down Palestinian farms to induce fear.

“New charges filed against private security contractor Blackwater (Xe) accuse the company of murder, destruction of audio and videotaped evidence, distribution of controlled substances, tax evasion, child prostitution, and weapons smuggling,” reports William Fisher (IPS)

In Honduran demonstrations, two were killed and up to 30 were injured Sunday, as the interim gov’t used teargas and live ammo on people gathering for ousted President Manuel Zelaya to return. Mr. Zelaya’s landing at the airport was blocked. Tuesday afternoon, he will meet with U.S. Secy. of St. Hillary Clinton. Isi Obed Murillo, 19, was the one fatality. “How can they let this happen? He was a boy, just a boy,” Jamie Rivas, one demonstrator shouted. “We came here to ask for freedom and look what they have done.”

The Democrats blocked Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-SC) effort to bring S.604 (a bill to audit the Federal [sic] Reserve) to a vote. Read more about the hypocrisy of the Senate Democrat Leaders at Campaign for Liberty.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) want another stimulus package, echoing VP Joe Biden — a package of money that doesn’t exist, which will be borrowed from private banks to dish out to political contributors, after being created out of thin air, that everyone will have to pay interest, after the prices of daily needs for those struggling the most skyrocket; a package that didn’t stimulate the economy last year as it won’t this year (as Mr. Biden has conceded). Other Democrat leaders are following in lock-step, like good, obedient minions. What’s the definition of ‘insanity’, again?

The Washington Post (WaPo) pointed the finger at the Atlantic for holding over 100 Salons over the last six years, selling lobbyists access to policymakers in Congress and the White House: “Each of the Atlantic events is sponsored by a single organization or company with a vested interest in the discussion and in influencing its participants. Thus, an energy company might sponsor a discussion about energy policy, or an employee union might sponsor a discussion about pension reform.” WaPo cancelled such a Salon last week. See my comment on WaPo’s “Pay-For-Chat Plan” and why they should be no surprise here. (Little Alex)

Bolivia raided the biggest cocaine lab in the country. Bolivian President Evo Morales stopped working with U.S. drug thugs in November 2008. Fuck him.

At least 36 were kidnapped in Rome protesting the G-8 Summit. (AJE)

July 3, U.S.-backed South Korean stormtroopers raided the Korean Teacher’s Union (KTU) for the first time in history after 17,000 teachers signed a petition “critical of [the] Lee Myung-bak Administration”. The KTU’s server and documents were stolen by the police. (InfoShop News)

In South Australia, a police officer and two other adults were charged with putting a teenager through a 12-hour exorcism after he complained of stomach cramps at a youth camp. (Jonathon Turley)

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Israel forcefully blocks British doctors from entering Gaza to perform surgeries on children. (guardian)

Israel is set to evacuate 23 illegal outposts in the West Bank, as Israeli settlers burn down Palestinian farms to induce fear.

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