More on Obama’s plans to declare an executive order allowing him to detain anyone indefinitely; Bernie Madoff and GE robbery; Israel’s nuclear weapons; Israel erecting more settlements in the West Bank; Ahmadinejad declared the official winner of Iran’s highly disputed presidential election; SCOTUS rejects 9/11 survivors’ claim against the Saudis for funneling money to al-Qa’ida.

The Obama Administration is drafting an executive order granting the president authority to kidnap and detain anyone, indefinitely, for prolonged amounts of time, according to his one final decision. The story was buried in the weekend news cycle to which most don’t pay attention. William Fisher talked to ACLU and Center for Constitutional Rights attorneys, who blasted the president. Read the article here.

Velvet Revolution, a coalition of over 150 advocacy groups, is filing a complaint against top CIA lawyers over their role in approving torture. (Raw Story) See the videos of Velvet Revolution members calling for CIA lawyers to be disbarred here.

Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years for his $65bn Ponzi scheme. (FT) When the federal gov’t does it, it’s called “social security”.

Pro Publica published a report on the ways General Electric has made billions from the bailout that its TV network, NBC, never wants to talk about. GE has publicly praised this new era of fascism and GENBC calls for more fascism every day.

Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was kidnapped and shipped off to Costa Rica by the Honduran military in a apparent coup. The U.S. has refrained from using the word “coup” and some question whether or not this is evidence of U.S. dominance in Latin America “waning”. The U.S. claims to not have known about the coup ahead of time, which Jeremy Scahill and others have called “impossible“, as the Honduran military has its training roots and maintains ties to the U.S. Army. Amnesty International says the coup “places human rights and the rule of law in serious danger” President Obama called the coup “not legal” and continues to recognize him and only him as the president of Honduras. Protests have broken out in the capitol. For the time being, Honduras is an official military state. Pres. Zelaya and his foreign minister met with Central American leaders today.

“The Elephant in the Room: Israel’s Nuclear Weapons” by David Morrison criticizes President Obama for blasting Iran’s nuclear program while sitting next to the Israeli prime minister, whose nuclear program is completely unchecked. (ei)

“Subsidies for Israel, Sanctions for Iran” by Grant Smith: “Congress can’t have it both ways on taxpayer-funded sanctions and rewards. If gasoline imports indirectly support Iran’s nuclear ambitions, then $2.775 billion in cash for conventional U.S. weapons and military technology clearly allows Israel to focus on development and deployment of its illicit nuclear arsenal.” (

Palestinians are skeptical of the U.N. inquiry into the Gaza Massacre were Israel killed 1,400 Palestinians. Edmund Sanders has a lot of statements from Gazanst in his article calling the commission heading the probe a “novel approach toward injecting international justice” in the Palestine-Israel conflict. Doesn’t sound like much, but American mainstream media really doesn’t acknowledge that justice is lacking in the conflict outside of op-ed’s. (LAT)

Independent journalist, Mohammed Omer, writes of how the Israeli gov’t tortured him after kidnapping him a year ago. (SWO)

Israel has approved the construction of 50 new settler homes in the West Bank. The construction with displace 200 more Palestinians. Defence Minister Ehud Barak is headed to the U.S., who is willing to compromise of the president’s initial call for a settlement freeze. Who really didn’t see this coming?

Hamas polling has fallen to 18.8% in the Occupied Territories of Gaza and the West Bank from 27.7% last January, according to the Jewish Media and Communications Centre. (Ha’aretz)

“Why is Israel blatantly breaking U.S. rule on settlements?” by Akiva Eldar: “[I]f the decisions of previous governments to expand settlements or to build new ones pave the way for the infusion of ever more settlers into the territories, there is no point to the commitment to freeze construction and to haggle over “natural growth.” Such earlier decisions allow Israel to place a settlement under any tree located in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.” (Ha’aretz)

French President Sarkozy is urging Israel PM Netanyahu to replace Avigdor Liberman with Tzipi Livni as Israel’s foreign minister. Ms. Livni served as PM in the previous regime. Mr. Lieberman’s office called it a “callous attack by a foreign state.”(

Justin Raimondo displays the anarchic reality of the current world order well, within the framework of the Iran election. Whether that was his intention with this article or not (

Alan Bock analyzes Pres. Obama’s use of “soft power” in his reactions to the Iran election, very conscious of the U.S. history and present interventions in Iran. (

Iran Guardian Council confirmed the results of Iran’s presidential election after it’s official recount, consisting of recounting 10% of the ballots. This is after admitting over 100% of voters voted in 50 of the districts. (NYT)

The SCOTUS rejected a class-action lawsuit against the U.S.-backed Saudi royal family brought by 9/11 survivors and relatives of those killed in the attacks, petitioning with evidence that the royal family financed al-Qa’ida through charities. (Raw Story)

Amy Kazmin wrote a great article on homosexuals in India — where homosexuality is illegal under the “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” ban leftover from the British occupation. (FT)

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