Video From a Woman in Iran Before Saturday’s Resistance

Posted: 20 June 2009 by Sayyid in International Affairs
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A woman in Iran relays a message to the world Friday night.

For those unaware, I’m an Iranian. I was brought to the U.S. at the age of three and have gone back only a handful of times to Tehran, most recently in 2007. I’ve attempted to go in-depth with my thoughts and feelings over the last couple of weeks on the “Green Wave”, but it’s been pretty hard to write about and information is difficult to come by. I will soon, but for now, I want to share a video that brought me to tears today. This brave woman’s words are translated below (2:25):


“Tomorrow is Saturday. Tomorrow is a day of destiny.

“Tonight, the cries of Allah-o Akbar are heard louder and louder than the nights before.

“Where is this place? Where is this place where every door is closed? Where is this place where people are simply calling God? Where is this place where the sound of Allah-o Akbar gets louder and louder?

“I wait every night to see if the sounds will get louder and whether the number increases. It shakes me. I wonder if God is shaken.

“Where is this place that where so many innocent people are entrapped? Where is this place where no one comes to our aid? Where is this place that only with our silence we are sending our voices to the world? Where is this place that the young shed blood and then people go and pray — standing on that same blood and pray. Where is this place where the citizens are called vagrants?

“Where is this place? You want me to tell you? This place is Iran. The homeland of you and me.

“This place is Iran.”

(h/t: AnonShawi among many others who’ve re-posted this video on YouTube)

This video was last night. Today the protesters came out in defiance of the Ayatollah’s warnings of “consequences”. Thousands of protesters faced tear gas, water cannons, and harsh beatings throughout the day. The New York Times reports: “The protesters included many women, who even berated as ‘cowards’ men who fled the Basijis.”

One woman was shot and left in the middle of the street by the Iranazis (0:15):

Another view [Eric Garris has posted more videos of Iranazi shooting demonstrators on the blog.] (0:36):

I bow down before the women of Iran and thank my beautiful mother, grandmothers, and aunts for examples of strength, such as these.

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