Announcing the Anarchist Library v1.0

Posted: 1 June 2009 by Editors in Political Science
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The opening of The Anarchist Library. Setup an account and contribute!

From The Anarchist Library homepage:

We introduce, for your pleasure, The Anarchist Library, an archive of anarchist texts: books, essays, and articles. We hope that this archive grows from its initial selection of over 400 titles (books, essays, and articles) into a comprehensive textual library that spans the entirety of anarchist thought.

The Internet has allowed us an amazing opportunity to share anarchist texts widely. This has allowed more people than ever access to obscure anarchist literature and propaganda. The few existing anarchist archives have all been helpful and inspirational to this project, which arises due to the inactivity of the existing online anarchist archives, with little sign that anyone is specifically serving as a librarian (commonly lacking introduction, curation, updating, or all of the above). A library is either active or dying and with the internet popping with new anarchist texts every day, we believe it would be a shame to not attend to them.

Our group is comprised of anarchists spread across 10 timezones that use conversational consensus to review, edit and update the site. We are an open group.

Besides providing you with a more inclusive and coherent forum to access existing anarchist texts, The Anarchist Library offers clean site design, active curation, and clean, typographically-accurate PDFs. We also intend to continue to support open formats and Free Software. We share code!

What is the significance of typographically accurate PDFs?

Short answer: they look better.

Longer answer: the creation of PDFs from the library text transforms this project from merely an online browsing source to a place where portable analog documents can be created for distribution, sharing, and sneaking into the hands of people who wouldn’t otherwise find the texts. The website is pull, printed material is push.

How can I help?

You can help us by creating a user account at and uploading your favorite anarchist document that isn’t already uploaded. Remember to pay close attention to the uploading instructions as they are technically specific. If you have ever manually-edited HTML, this will not be challenging.

If you are interested in working with the library group please join us in our active channel on the Anarchist News SILC Server in channel #Library. We are there most days for 12+ hours a day (usually from 0800 GMT to 2000 GMT) and use conversational consensus to make most of our decisions.

h/t: InfoShop


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