A message from AntiWar.com.

As President Obama sends 20,000 more combat troops to Afghanistan and threatens to invade Pakistan, a strange silence hangs over the remains of the antiwar movement.

The massive antiwar marches that were a feature of the Bush years are a thing of the past, and those ostensibly antiwar organization that did so much to agitate against the Iraq war have now fallen into line behind their commander in chief, awaiting orders.

MoveOn.org has refused to make any public statement about Obama’s alarming Af-Pak escalation. VoteVets, which was in the front lines of the antiwar struggle a few years back, is reduced to cheering Obama’s every move.

Another Democratic Party front masquerading as a peace group, Americans United for Change, declined to comment on the war plans of the new administration. This astroturf organization, you’ll recall, ran $600,000 worth of television ads in the summer of 2007 – zeroing in on congressional districts with Republican incumbents.

These partisan phonies don’t represent the real antiwar movement, of course. They used popular opposition to the Iraq war to ride into power, and now they’re launching their own nation-building war of “liberation” in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The real antiwar movement is right here, on this Web site, all day, every day. Our commentators span the political spectrum, but our reportage focuses like a laser on the single most important issue facing mankind: the issue of war and peace. We have consistently voiced our opposition to America’s foreign policy of global intervention through three presidents – and you, our readers and supporters, have stood by us through all their cruel and futile wars, from Kosovo to Iraq to Af-Pak. Now we are asking you to help us again, at a time when all but a few antiwar voices have gone silent.

Antiwar.com: Now more than ever

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