The second half of Prof. Chomsky’s interview by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! (DN!). Part One is found here.

13 Apr 09 | DN!

Part II of our conversation with MIT professor and author Noam Chomsky on the global economic crisis, healthcare, the media, US foreign policy, the expanding wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan, resistance to American empire, and more.

“As far as policy is concerned, unless [Obama] is under a lot of pressure from activist sectors, he’s not going to go beyond what he’s presented himself as in actual policy statements or cabinet choices and so on: a centrist Democrat [who’s] going to basically continue Bush’s polices, maybe in a more modulated way,” says Chomsky.

Part One (9:58):

Part Two (9:58):

Part Three (10:24):

Part Four (9:38):

Part Five (8:21):

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