What the Hell, Obama?! Genocide is Genocide!

Posted: 7 April 2009 by Sayyid in Af-Pak War, International Affairs
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Genocide is only genocide when it suits the president’s ambition and it isn’t when it doesn’t suit his majesty.

In a campaign statement from then-presidential candidate Obama’s website in Jan ’08:

“The Armenian genocide is not an allegation, a personal opinion or a point of view, but rather a widely documented fact supported by an overwhelming body of historical evidence… America deserves a leader who speaks truthfully about the Armenian genocide and responds forcefully to all genocides.”

Almost a month ago the LA Times reported:

The Obama administration is hesitating on a promised presidential declaration that Armenians were the victims of genocide in the early 20th century, fearful of alienating Turkey when U.S. officials badly want its help.

Help for what is more toward the bottom of the page:

Obama declared repeatedly during his campaign that the killings were genocide. Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton are on record with similar positions.

But the Obama administration would like to use Turkey as part of the military supply line for Afghanistan. It also would like more help regarding Iraq, Iran’s nuclear program, Russia and Mideast peace.

Yesterday, in Turkey, Mr. Obama took a step in the right direction:

“Well, my views are on the record and I have not changed views,” Obama said, standing alongside Turkish President Abdullah Gul.

But, in his speech to the Turkish Parliament, Mr. Obama didn’t use the word “genocide” as a leader Mr. Obama believes America deserves. He said:

“I know there are strong views in this chamber about the terrible events of 1915 … And the best way forward for the Turkish and Armenian people is a process that works through the past in a way that is honest, open and constructive.”

OK, so the approach of President Obama is different from that of Senator Obama. Whatever, man. That’s politics.

Fast forward (not even a day later) to the 15th anniversary in remembrance of the Rwanda genocide and Mr. Obama releases a statement:

US President Barack Obama paid homage Tuesday to victims and survivors of the Rwandan genocide and vowed that the world was committed to never allowing a similar slaughter to happen again.

Obama, in a statement marking the 15th anniversary of the mass killings of Tutsis by Hutu militias, said the tragedy in 1994 was “so enormous, so daunting, that it runs the risk of becoming a statistic.”

“We must remember that each of the 800,000 individuals who died in 1994 had their own story, their own family, and their own dreams,” he said.

Obama praised the “courageous men and women who survived the genocide and have since demonstrated remarkable strength and generosity in forgiving those who committed these heinous acts. These individuals inspire us daily by working to restore trust and rebuild hope in Rwanda.”

He said that remembering “these events also deepens our commitment to act when faced with genocide and to work with partners around the world to prevent future atrocities.”

800,000 Rwandans dead is genocide, but not 1.5 million Armenians when the genocide-denying country can help the US push its agenda in a never-ending war in Iraq, fight another never-ending war in Afghanistan (stretching that never-ending war deeper into Pakistan and strengthening the Taliban), needs help pushing lies about Iran, and stalls the MidEast peace process by shipping more weapons to Israel as uncontroversial evidence of war crimes continue to become public from its war in Gaza. (Israel and Turkey aren’t doing so well since the Turkish PM called out the Israeli president during a forum in Davos a couple of months ago.)

800,000 Rwandans dead in genocide. But, it’s apparent that 1.5 million dead Armenians have ‘become a statistic’ to Mr. Obama — using his own words.

Mr. Obama’s right. Remembering genocide “also deepens our commitment to act when faced with genocide and to work with partners around the world to prevent future atrocities.” Clearly why he won’t respond to Amnesty International’s call for an embargo on Israel after slaughtering almost 1,000 civilians of the 1,400+ plus they massacred in Gaza. That would prevent future atrocities.

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